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Driving Instructor – Ways to the Becoming of a Driving Instructor

Updated on October 28, 2009

Who is a driving instructor?

A driving instructor is a trained and authorized person who as been tested and certified by the driving standards agency of the jurisdiction to which he belongs. It is mandatory for driving instructors to charge for their service only after having followed all the legal requirements. Accidents are avoided when the students are trained under proper guidance and instruction of driving instructors who are familiar with the mistakes learner drivers make.

Individuals over 21 years of age are put through a training process in certain regions of the world, when they intend to become a driving instructor. They need to possess a driving license and should have completed three years and could train drivers under the category of vehicle for which they posses the license.

Though there are no curbs to being trained under the guidance of a driver who is not a driving instructor, research indicates 90% of students clearing the driving tests after undergoing going training under the supervision of a driving instructor.

Driving instructor requirements

The individual must be at least 21 years of age to qualify to becoming a driving instructor. The person must be of a good moral character. Requirements changes with jurisdiction. The person needs to have possessed the driving license for 4 of the past 6 years as a prerequisite. The person should not have been disqualified from driving in the past 4 years. Convictions if any, both motoring and non-motoring would be taken into consideration before their name gets registered as a driving instructor. The person should be in a fit condition and should pass the mandatory examinations.

Driving instructor exams

In UK, the first of the driving instructor exam consists of a theory test with 100 questions which are in the format of multiple-choice questions. The questions are further divided into 4 bands. The Hazard Perception test is also included. Candidates must get 85% of the multiple-choice questions right to pass the exam.

80% of questions need compulsory answering from each band. Scoring 57 is considered a pass in the Hazard perception test out of 75.

The pass rate in this examination is a measly 49%.

The second part of the exam

The next part of the exam checks up on the driving capability itself of the would-be instructor. This exam requires of the would-be instructor to be in peak levels of competence. The exam may last for more than an hour. A majority of maneuvers are strictly tested and are analyzed to detail. The test covers lots of road conditions and types. 45% is the passing rate of this exam.

The third and last part of the exam

The last part of the exam tests up on the instructional capability of the would-be instructor. The exam may last for more than an hour. During the first part, the examiner would pose as a learner driver and the would-be instructor needs to address the examiner as he would the student. The second phase too would involve the examiner posing as the student, but, as a student who failed to pass the driver’s test. The would-be instructor is evaluated and a grade of 4 is required in each of the phases to pass the exam. 28% is the pass rate of this exam.


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