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Driving Tests – Ways to Passing Your Driving Tests with Ease

Updated on October 28, 2009

The becoming of a responsible driver

A lot needs to be learnt to pass your driving tests.  Irrespective of whether you are attempting the tests for the first time or it being a reattempt, the driving theory, hazard perception, followed by the practical test determines your competency as a responsible, safe and confident driver.

A little advice would always benefit, no matter, however number of attempts you have made in passing the driving tests.

Parts of the driver’s theory test

Passing the theory test is mandatory to take up the practical driving test. Car mechanics, Highway Code, etc are but some of the driving topics the driving theory test is based up on. This test is composed of multiple-choice questions.

Hazard perception forms one more part of the driving theory test. This test involves the viewing of 14 video clips, each clip with duration of a minute. Whilst viewing the video clip the candidate has to respond to a developing hazard with the click of the mouse. Quicker responses elicit higher scores. A pass in both of the tests alone would ensure passing the driving theory test.

The practical side of driver’s test

The practical test follows once the driving theory tests involving the multiple-choice questions and hazard perception has been successfully passed. Completion of a 40 minute assignment which also includes executing a set of maneuvers is what is required of to pass the practical driving test.

The chances of being failed for committing one grave error are greater than being failed for committing almost 15 mistakes which are minor.

Positive thinking

Think positive and do not consider the driving test to be very hard. Being confident about oneself and believing that you have the ability to pass the test is really important. Being nervous and doubtful would not lead you anywhere but failure. Your confidence with the answers should be to the level that you need to read the questions just once. A second read may at times bring you about to start guessing.

It is said that the chance of passing the driving test the very first time is only fifty percent. Nervousness is the sole cause of such a problem. Not being in a position to recall the answers while facing the test are but consequences of being nervous. Not being prepared in the right way also adds to the problem; ensure that you have spent enough time with the right training materials.

Having spent ample time in the preparation and being relaxed before the driving test would give you a better chance of passing the test then being restless. Having a good breakfast and having rested enough the previous night with a sound sleep would help you to be more focused and in control.

Arrive early

Do not rush things on the day of the test. Always arrive early to the driving test center. Carry all the requisite documents along. Arriving at the center early would give you enough time to settle down. The more relaxed you are the lesser would be the nervousness. Being nervous is normal but rushing through things in the last minute due a just in time arrival would add to the anxiety and confusion.

Being well prepared, calm and focused would definitely help you pass the driving test with ease.


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