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Driving Theory Test – Driving Theory Test Is A Must Pass Before You Can Think of the Practical Driving Test!

Updated on October 28, 2009

Need for driver’s test

Testing a person’s capability in driving a motor vehicle is what a driving test is designed for. It is available in various formats worldwide and is considered as the foremost requirements to obtaining a driver’s license.

Parts of a driver’s test

The theory test and the practical test are the parts into which a driving test is divided into. While the practical test assesses the drivers ability to drive in normal conditions and requires driving of a vehicle in the presence of the assessing authority, the theory test tests the drivers know how of the requisite rules and regulations and may involve an oral or written test. Computers are used in the recent times and the theory tests are composed of multiple choice questions. Changes are constantly introduced in driving tests over the years and newer tests may be included like the Hazard Perception test which is in practice in the UK.

Driving Theory Test

The becoming of a responsible driver with great importance to safety starts with the preparation for a theory test. A learner driver has to pass the theory test before he can think of booking a practical test. Jurisdictions decide whether a driver’s license is issued after the driver takes up a driving test or he begins driving only after acquiring a license. Driving theory tests are mandatory in almost any jurisdiction. Considering how DSA conducts the test would give an understanding of the importance of a driving theory test.

UK Driving Theory Test

Introduced in the year 1996, the Driving Theory Test in UK was a written examination and was converted to a computer based one in the year 2000. Driving Standards Agency (DSA) conducts the test. The test is made of 2 parts, the first consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions based out of a wide range of topics involving driving including driving laws, Highway Code and car mechanics. 43 out of 50 is the passing mark for this part of the test. Hazard perception test is the second part. A pass in both the parts is a must.

Hazard perception test involves viewing of soundless clips which are a minute long and responding by the press of the mouse button to a developing hazardous condition. The hazardous conditions may involve pedestrians, vehicles etc. Spotting a developing hazard and responding early would elicit a high score. Of the 15 hazards that are shown, each hazard could earn the candidate up to 5 marks. 44 out of 75 is the passing mark for this part of the test.

Time availability for the theory tests

The multiple choice part is given 57 minutes and the questions to be answered are 50 for candidates under the categories cars and bikes. Irrespective of categories the Hazard Perception of the test involves viewing and responding to 14 video clips of duration of one minute per clip. 15 hazards need to be identified from the 14 video clips.

Material to study for the driving theory test

It is recommended to study The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs and the Official DSA theory test question bank.


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    • lawsonjeff profile image

      Jeff Lawson 

      6 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Theory test is the first part of driving test and must pass before the practical test.


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