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Driving Theory Test – Preparing for the Driving Theory Test the Right Way!

Updated on October 28, 2009

The importance of being trained by an authorized driving instructor

If you are a learner driver then it is really important that you are trained by an authorized driving instructor. Though some members in your family may be confident in training you, it is best recommended to entrust the training to a driving instructor. It is more often seen that a licensed driver too exhibits certain bad driving habits. Being taught by such an individual is to learning all the wrong things and spending time unlearning them when every attempt with the driving test is ending in failure. Not using the interior mirror extensively, not positioning the hands on the steering wheel the right way are but the usual flaws seen in most licensed drivers.

Authorized driving instructors have passed tests certifying them to be capable enough to handling learner drivers. Driving instructors are fully aware of what safe driving is and would instruct the learner driver the ways to drive safe. Nervousness is common place amongst learner drivers and the driving instructors are experts in handling such situations with ease.

Driving instructor selection

The selection of a driving instructor should be given ample thought. Trying to find a cheap driving instructor is not a good idea. Arriving at a driving instructor through references would be the better choice. Choose the driving instructor after discussing it with your friends.


Practicing the things taught by the driving instructor is the only way to remembering them. Whatever the driving instructor has taught you should never slip away from your mind. Hence, jamming in too many lessons into a short time may be a wrong idea. Having lengthier session per day of more than an hour or a couple of hours together with having such sessions more than once per week would be really helpful. These liberties are of course at the expense of time and money. Decide up on what best fits your budget and time constraints.

Time to start the driver’s theory test preparation

Preparation for the driving theory test should start along side with the driving lessons. The lessons of both theory test and driving should go hand in hand. You will see a marked improvement in your driving when you apply the knowledge gained by learning the lessons of the theory test. Your driving exercise will also help you understand the theory lessons well.

The earlier you start the preparation for the theory test, the better. Do not delay. The practical test can not be taken up unless the theory test has been passed. So, having brought your driving to practical driving test standards and struggling with the driving theory test is what you need to best avoid.

If you are a young driver, the driver theory test can not be attempted before you are seventeen years of age. Prepare yourself for the theory test if you have some more time before you reach the stipulated age.

Training materials for the driver’s theory test

Training materials that are readily available other than the Highway Code should be extensively used in your preparation for the driving theory test. The reasons may not find a mention in the Highway Code though the rules are clearly mentioned. Your understanding of the reasons to the rules will help you better remember them. CD-ROMs are readily available. Use them to get a feel of what to expect from the Hazard Perception test. Being fore prepared is being well prepared.

Test day

Carry all the required documents on the day of the test. During the test complete all the questions you definitely know, flag the problem questions and come back to them later. You would be left with a surprising amount of time once you have completed all the known questions. Read the problem questions once or twice than speed reading them. Monitor your time and manage it well. You have 57 minutes to complete the test.

Having spent the appropriate amount of time in preparation can alone help you pass the driving theory test, start the ground work right away!


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