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Age of Killer Drones and the Wars of the Future

Updated on November 14, 2016

Age of Drones

The United States, Britain, and Israel are the only

nations to have fired missiles from remote

controlled drones, the spread of unmanned

aerial vehicles has increased so dramatically

that it's only a matter of time until other countries

use this technology on the battlefield.

Now 87 nations possess drones, China uses

drones to spy on Japan over disputed lands in Asia,

Turkey uses drones to watch Kurdish rebels in

Northern Iraq, Bolivia uses drones to locate

coca fields in the rainforest of the Andes Mountains,

and Iran has reportedly given drones to the Assad

government to monitor rebels in Syria.

The U.S. Military's unprecedented success with drone

technology has inspired a new arms race. It is no

secret that the U.S. Military has used unmanned drones

to bomb targets in countries like Yemen, Afghanistan,

Iraq, Somalia, and Syria in the past 9 years.

Predator Drones

The United States has the Most Sophisticated Drone Force Ever Assembled

Angels of Death

Afghanistan has the dubious distinction as the

most drone bombed country in the world, suffering

from over 1,000 drone strikes since the American

forces invaded the country in 2001 after 911.

If you would listen to some American officials

the CIA drone campaign has been a triumph.

Miram Shah a small frontier town in North

Waziristan, near the Afghan-Pakistan border,

has become a virtual test laboratory for drone

warfare. In interviews with the residents, a

portrait of extended terror and strain has

developed within a tribal society caught in

the middle between the vicious militants and

the American drones hunting them. The drones

flying over this frontier town have been

described as the angels of death. Hit with

over 13 drone strikes since 2008, and an

additional 25 strikes in adjoining districts

Miram Shah has become a fearful and paranoid

town. The drones fly so high they can't be seen,

and the missiles fly faster than the speed of sound

so the victims never see or hear their attacker.

Amnesty International has reported on several

occasions drone attacks in North Waziristan has

killed civilians indiscriminately. In one report

American missiles killed a 68 year old women

as she picked vegetables in a field close to her

grandchildren. In July 2012, 18 laborers

including a 14 year old boy were killed by a drone

near the Afghan border. As these strikes

continue public outrage grows,

government officials in the areas of conflict

argue that these attacks increase sympathy

for al-Qaeda. Drone attacks are a means of

killing outside the law, a murder without a

judge or jury, it's possibly be creating more

terrorist than it's killing. That's a problem

especially since drone strikes cause

considerable collateral damage, an

Orwellian phrase created by the military

industrial complex to sanitize the slaughter

of innocent civilians.

Now with over 20,000 drones in

existence, there is a very serious concern

in Washington that drones could be used

by terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda or

Hezbollah against the United States, Israel,

or possibly other western nations, in

retaliation for attacks on their operatives.

Top Ten Drones

German V-1 Buzz Bomb

The Birth of the Buzz Bomb

Birth of the Buzz Bomb

In retaliation for the Allies terror bombing of German cities, the Nazis

began to develop a secret vengeance weapon called the V-1. As

World War II erupted, one of the first decisions of the German

Air Ministry was to investigate the design and development of a

pilotless aircraft that could deliver an explosive payload weighing

2,200lbs over a distance of 310 miles, this resulted in the birth of

the Buzz Bomb or V-1. The V-1 is the prototype of two of the most

lethal weapons in today's arsenal a cross between the cruise

missile and the unmanned drone. For the first time in history one

nation had the ability to launch a missile at another country across

a very long distance without any risk of retaliation., it launched the

dawn of modern warfare. On June 12 1944 at 4am in the morning,

just 6 days after D-Day the first V-1s were unleashed on London.

The V-1 remains one of the most recognizable weapons of WWII,

and marked a new era in autopilot cruise missiles. They caused terror

across the United Kingdom, particularly around London, as the Nazis

launched at least 100 of these new weapons each day throughout July


The V-1 Could Be Launched From A Rail Launch System Or From An Airplane

The V-1 Terror Campaign

First conceived in 1938, and powered by a simple pulse

jet revolutionary at the time, was first launched in

December 1942. It weighed 4,750lbs, and was 27ft

3/4 inches long with a wingspan of 17ft 6 inches. Known

in full to the Germans as the Vergeltungswaffe-1, and

nicknamed by the British as "the doodlebug" was

designed at Peenemunde by the Luftwaffe during

World War II as a terror weapon with which to attack

major cities, the principle target being London. The

Very first V-1 was launched towards London on June

13 1944, and hit a railway bridge on Grove Road, Mile

End, killing 8 residents. It was just one week after the

Allied landings had begun on the Normandy beaches.

This was Hitler's first weapon of retaliation, and was

also the world's first successful cruise missile. More

than 8,000 were launched during the war, destroying

1,270,000 homes and killing 22,900 people almost

every on of them civilian.

German V-1 in Action over London

Damage in London From a V-1

The Fire Bombing of Tokyo March 1945

The fire bombing of Tokyo created the same results as

the atomic bomb, but in took 300 B-29s to create similar

results. It's true that bombing an enemy's population

very rarely works, it seems that people fight harder

after their children or parents die cruelly, rather than

simply giving up, wouldn't you? Civilian deaths due

to war surged in the 20th Century, strategic bombings

was the primary cause.

Fire Bombing of Tokyo

The Center of Tokyo was Wiped Out By B-29 Air-Raids in 1945

Operation Meeting House

The Great Tokyo Air Raids were launched

on a clear night in March 1945, more than

300 U.S. B-29 bombers launched the most

devastating air raid in human history. American

Generals scheduled the raid at night and dropped

more than 1,700 tons of napalm (jellied gasoline)

on Tokyo's densely populated downtown district

in a manner to prevent citizens from escaping the

inferno. The firestorm created by raid boiled water in

Tokyo's rivers and canals, melted glass with temperatures

reaching 1800 F, the towering columns of heat brought

down nearly a dozen B-29s. The rare firestorm fed on

itself, the death toll from the raids is estimated in the

range of 300,000 with 1,000,000 Japanese left

homeless. The Tokyo raids represented a switch

in U.S. strategy toward Japan. Instead of bombing military targets

on the Japanese mainland, U.S forces set out to destroy

entire cities. More people were killed in the Tokyo fire

bombings than the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and

Nagasaki 5 months later, and still remains the most deadly air raid in

human history. Yet the firebombing of Tokyo remains one of the forgotten horrors

of the Second World War. Few photos of the bombing of Tokyo have know to

have survived the war. The architect of the attack General Lemay, stated

that if the United States would have lost the war

he would have been prosecuted as a war criminal.

Allied war crimes were buried by the victors who

proclaimed themselves as "The Greatest Generation".

Few Americans are aware of this grisly chapter of American

History in what has been characterized as a race war waged without mercy.

Killing civilians has proven not to win wars but harden

the resolve of the enemy. Civilian deaths due to war

surged in the 20th Century, strategic bombings were

the primary cause. With only 4% of the victims from

drone strikes linked to terrorism, what role are these

killings doing in inciting warfare not preventing it. Lets

hope we don't repeat the mistakes made in Second

World War, since so many nations now possess the technology

to bring death from the sky down upon the defenseless.

The X-37B

Drones in Space

America has turned science fiction into fact with

the X-37B, some military experts call it the first

prototype space fighter. The X-37B is one of

the world's most advanced re-entry spacecraft.

The two X-37Bs known to exist were built by

Boeings Phantom works for the United States

Air Force's Rapid Capabilities Office, the

Air Force has been flying them on secret

missions since 2010. The 3rd Space

Experimentation Squadron at Shriever

Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado,

serves as mission control for the X-37B.

This spacecraft is designed to operate in

low-earth orbit, 110 to 500 miles above the earth

at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour. The X-37B

has a clear military purpose and could further

advance the militarization of space. It's very

unlikely the U.S. Air Force would miss a

trump card like a space capable fighter.


The X-37B in Space

The Many Faces of the X-37B

The ultra secret X-37B looks like the old Space Shuttle but really

is America's most advance drone.

X-37B Flight Simulation

Drones in Space

As far as trying to shoot down the X-37B

it's virtually impossible to aim at an object that

can switch from airplane to spacecraft, as it circles

around the globe in low altitude orbits. Its also outfitted

with a deployable solar array to generate power

so it can stay in space for long periods of time,

the spacecraft's last mission lasted 671 days.

The spacecraft looks like the retired space

shuttle but is much less smaller at 29 feet

long and 15 feet wide, with a payload bay the

size of a pickup truck, it's launched into space

atop an Atlas 5 rocket. All X-37B missions are

classified, so little is known about what the Air

Force is using the spacecraft for other than

reconnaissance. In the event of war, the X-37B

may strike or interfere with satellites since it's

equipped with a robotic arm for seizing satellites, it

could also spread electromagnetic interference to

disable satellites normal functions. The X-37B can

also place in its payload bay all kinds of weapons that

can carry long-range precision strikes on the enemy.

Concept Drawing of the Satellite Weapon Rods From God

Rods from God

Now we enter into the true world of science

fiction since the X-37B is rumored to be

outfitted with the space weapon, Rods from

God. Jerry Pournelle originated the concept

while working in operations research at Boeing

in the 1950s before becoming a science fiction

writer. The idea is to build a weapons system that

launches kinetic projectiles from Earth's orbit to

damage targets on the Earth's surface. A pair of

satellites orbiting several hundred miles above the

Earth would serve as the weapons system, one

functions as the targeting and communications platform,

while the other satellite carries numerous tungsten rods

that are 20 feet in length and about 1 foot in diameter,

which it can drop on targets with less than 15 minutes

notice. When instructed from the ground, the targeting

satellite commands the weapons platform to drop one

of its darts. The rods can best be described as an

orbiting tungsten telephone, with small fins and a

computer in the back for guidance, they look like

giant darts. When released these guided rods enter the Earth's

atmosphere traveling at speeds of up to Mach 10 similar to

the speed of a meteor. The rods are protected from the heat

generated from entering the Earth's atmosphere by a thermal

coating. The result is complete devastation of the target even

if it's buried deep underground. The two platform configuration

permits the weapon to be reloaded by just launching a new

set of rods, rather than replacing the entire system. In early

2003 the experts claimed that The Rods from God was 10

years away from reality, it's quite possible this weapon system

is orbiting above us today. A space weapon such as this one

is a game changer, it gives the U.S. Military the global strike

capabilities no other nation on earth possess. President

Obama described the U.S. Military as the most powerful

on this planet, could he know something we don't?

Rods from God


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