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Drop Ship Wholesale Supplier – Your Warehouse with Drop Shipped Wholesale Goods

Updated on November 23, 2009

Thinking of getting your retail business bigger? Then dropshipping is what you should focus on. The usual problem of manufacturers wanting their products reaching the end-user without them directly selling to the end-user finds a solution through the dropshipping concept.

Expansion of your online business to bring in greater profits without additional workloads and changes to existing strategies is a natural thought. Dropshipping is that solution to not adding to your existing workload and also to sell products without stocking them. So, money is saved in not having and maintaining a warehouse. Money is also saved in not having the actual drop shipper deliver the goods to you and you delivering it your customer, but, by getting the drop shipper to deliver it to your customer directly with your name on it.

Drop shippers help eliminate you maintaining a warehouse, an inventory, employees managing them and tie-ups with courier companies for delivery of goods.

You could focus your energies on selling and devising strategies of selling the best of brands and products. Your customers are delivered the products they ordered through you by the drop shippers, with your name on it. So, all you do is collect the order from your customer including the payment which also includes shipping charges and pass on the order to the drop shipper, provided you have provisions to accept credit card payment. The drop shipper would bill you the wholesale price and the shipping charges. The difference of the wholesale price the drop shipper charged you and the retail price you charged your customer is your profit.

The distribution model has not changed which still continues to be the manufacturer selling to the distributor and the distributor to the retailer and the retailer to the end-user. All the entities involved continue to make money since the end-user brought the product. The only change is that you are a retailer without any stocks. You have redirected the responsibility of delivering the goods to your customer to the drop shipper.

Having a whole sale supplier who could drop ship the products you intend to sell is really important. Sell only the products the whole sale supplier could drop ship; it’s as simple as that.

That is how drop shipping works.

Finding the wholesale supplier who could drop ship the products you intend to sell is the first thing, creating an account with the drop ship distributor is the next thing and finally the hardest part is to promote your products and generating sales through smart marketing efforts. The selling materials pertaining to your products on sale like images and descriptions about the products are usually provided or sourced from the drop ship distributor.

During the sale you collect the payment for your product from the customer by, in usual cases, charging the customer’s credit card. The payment usually includes the shipping charges. The sale order is passed on to the drop ship distributor, which, the customer is usually unaware of. The drop ship distributor ships the product to the customer with your name on the package. The drop ship distributor bills you the wholesale price and the shipping charges.

A happy customer usually brings in a stream of future customers.


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      kett 3 years ago

      Super article, impressed a lot you made us to know many things,that many missing..