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Drop Shipping Wholesale Clothing – Salehoo to the Rescue in Finding a Wholesale Clothing Drop Shipper

Updated on November 23, 2009

There is no better way to earn money than from the comfort of ones home. There is no business that has a minimum of overheads and makes selling and earning a profit than a drop shipping business. Spend time on marketing your online wholesale clothing business the right way and then lay back to enjoy the benefits. While customers shop from your online store, you make profits while the wholesale clothing supplier ships your customer’s orders to the customer with your store name on the shipment. No worries about unsold stock, no worries about maintaining a warehouse, no worries about employee salaries, your sole worry is to get more number of customers to your store and send your profits skywards!

To be worry free you need to have a dependable wholesale supplier you could rely upon. Finding a good wholesale supplier is no doubt one hell of a task. Salehoo as a wholesale supplier directory has made life that much more easier!

Salehoo promises suppliers in the thousands at your fingertips. Wholesale clothing is but one of the items Salehoo caters to. Salehoo claims to having a dedicated team conducting research and establishing contacts with newer suppliers. You need to only ask Salehoo in case a supplier is not found for the product you are on the look out for.

Categorization of suppliers has been undertaken and is in the hundreds. Suppliers have been categorized and sub-categorized by the product they deal in together with their location.

You could further conduct a search to find the specific brand you are looking for. You could search for manufacturers, liquidators, wholesalers, drop shippers etc. There are many more options to conduct a search.

Finding suppliers who cater to low or nil minimum orders has been made a pleasure.

Having decided upon a particular wholesale supplier, the supplier info sheet lists the complete information about the supplier. The information includes contact details, product information, reviews etc.

Salehoo claims to review wholesale suppliers in three ways. Reviews from Salehoo members, Salehoo themselves conduct secret purchases and leaves reviews and independent eBay power sellers too leave a review. Thus they claim to dodge dodgy suppliers. They believe word of mouth to be a dependable resource in the industry.

Salehoo further claims to educate its members through its learning and training center. The tools and tips available together with various articles is supposed to give a beginner enough knowledge on the ins and outs of starting a business, shipping, importing, eBay selling and ways to avoid getting scammed.

Salehoo provides members tools to understand the market and determine if it is good or bad. The tools help make a thoughtful decision whether to buy a product or not.

These are but the features Salehoo provides to identify a good wholesale supplier and earning profits.


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