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Dry storage of food grains at commercial level

Updated on December 13, 2015

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stock in godown

Food grains large scale of dry storage

On a commercial scale or large scale, non – perishable food materials like wheat, rice and pulses are stored in two ways; i) in gunny bags, and ii) in grain silos. The most common method of storing food grains on large scale is to fill them in gunny bags, stitch the mouth of the gunny bags tightly, and keep these gunny bags one on the other in big godowns. Though a gunny bag is not an ideal container for food grains but its greatest advantage is that food – grains filled in gunny bags can be easily transported and distributed at various places.

The following precautions should be kept in mind while storing food grains in gunny bags:-

A) As far as possible, a new gunny bag could be used for storing food – grains. This because an old, dirty gunny bag may be carrying some insects or micro- organisms which can spoil the food grains to be stored in it. If, however, old gunny bags have to be used, them they should first be cleaned by washing in boiling water and dry in the sun – shine, before use.

B) The food - grains to be filled in the gunny bags for storage should be clean, cool, dry, and free from insects, etc.

C) After filling in the food – grains, the mouth of gunny bags should be stitched tightly.

D) The grain – filled gunny bags should be kept in the godown in such a way that they do not touch the walls of the godown. A gap of about 60 cm to 70 cm should be felt between the walls and the grain – filled bags o prevent the damage of food – grains by moisture due the seepage in the walls.

E) Alleys (path – ways) should be provided in the godown between the various stacks of grain filled bags. These alleys or path – way are to be left for proper ventilation; for periodic inspection of stored food – grains; and also for pesticide spraying and fumigation to protect the stored food – grains.

In addition to the gunny – bag method of storing food – grains, the grain – silos are also used for storing food - grains on large scale (or bulk storage). The grain – silos are specially designed big and tall cylindrical structures. The grain – silos store different stocks of food grains at different levels. The grain – silos are provided with chutes (out – lets) at different levels to withdraw the desired stock of food grains. The grain – silos have in built arrangements for aeration, temperature control, protection from insects, rats, birds and animals; fumigation and inspection of stored food – grains stocks

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