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Duality in Neuron-Transmissions

Updated on September 30, 2013

Duality In Neuron-transmissions

Volume 4, Issue 5, September 30, 2013

Duality in the era of Artificial Intelligence and robotics is inseparable for the norm of the processes and systems. Duality meaning that nothing is infallible and there are two sides to every coin, bad and good. But what are your thoughts on what far out-weights the cons on AI and Robotics if it were to take over some jobs or positions at stake in this new age that is rapidly becoming norm in the workplace? It is very controversial to say the least when someone puts his or her job or position in workplace in the mix on AI or Robotic take-over.

It has been predicted that within the next five to twenty years AI and Robotics are going to take over positions or jobs in the workplace and replace humans. There is software that has been developed to take over some secretarial positions by word command and dictation, and it looks as though the robotic eyes have been placed on customer services for some jobs also. When you think about it if routines that we spoke about in my earlier series issue ( or the neurological pathways that we accumulate through routine subconscious efforts will be tracked and some of our responses in the workplace can be duplicated and tracked also. It is scary and fastinating at the same time. But, like some have said and I will specifically state what I heard a doctor say about robotics is that they are not human and cannot feel or feel the sensation of touch which in the case of medical professions is very crucial in the surgery rooms and in the tasks of medical and psychological evaluation. There are some things that a robot or AI just cannot replicate that a human being could perform.

On the same subject when we evaluate our own decisions we must perform a list of pro’s and con’s and of course the best and optimal choice would be the pro’s in decision making when we evaluate the decision to use or employ the AI or robot in the instance. So just how much can the artificial intelligence perform in a workplace and where is it that we draw the line and say no, this can only be performed by a human being. These are some of the dilemmas that the manager of workplace employing this ability or software must ask in the case of replacement with robotics.


We must also define what is Artificial Intelligence or AI? Artificial Intelligence according to ( is the technology and branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software.

What is Robotics? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Robotics is technology dealing with the design, construction, and operation of robots in automation. With the emphasis in performing tasks done traditionally by human beings. Robotics is used currently in the automobile industry, NASA space industry, and medical industry. In addition, robotics involves Artificial Intelligence or AI and is equipped to have vision, touch, and the ability to sense temperature. At present, AI is being integrated into human performance with robotics to perform tasks for the disabled who have mobility issues.

What is Duality? According to Merriam-Webster, duality is having the quality of two parts but better stated is the state of having two natures or otherwise, good and bad natures, or quality of character that is twofold; dichotomy (

At present, Leaders and large conglomerates like Facebook and Microsoft are employing and engaging the uses of AI and robotics in their respective industries to improve services and engagement for consumers. MIT and Harvard University have $25 million dollar grants to study AI and robotics and that is a whopping amount of cash that is being placed on this technology that could very well replace human performance in the future. It is something to think about and make sure you perform intelligently in the workplace to maintain the human status quo in the workplace in the future. Could we as human beings be ready for an evolutionary change with integration of robotics or artificial intelligence in our daily lives? For each human being on this planet? It is questionable, isn’t it?


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