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Dying earth- A tearful appeal(About resources exploit by human)

Updated on December 22, 2011

Let’s talk about global warming that is prevailing in this world. It is one of the most serious issues of this era. We humans are on top of the food chain and exploit resources like no other creature in this world. The rapid usage of fossil fuels and other contaminants like nuclear weapons have considerably damaged our ozone. We also have depleted all the natural irreversible resources required for our future generation. Through time man has advanced from Stone Age to the new era. Till this second the need and want for different usage has not come down, but is inclining at a fast rate. The main reason is that we do not feel content with what we have. Ask a lay man what his next goal would be? He’d probably say I want to buy a motorcycle. Ask a person of middle class what his next goal of purchase would be? Buying a car. Ask a person of rich class what his next purchase would be? Buy a private helicopter.

The demand for resource usage has dramatically changed the way of life. People struggling and working hard to achieve boundaries set by people themselves that do not even have a proper usage. Say like there is a tomato fest happening is Spain every year. Each year the amount of tomatoes that go into drain is getting more and more, while the rest of the world is struggling for a one time daily meal. What is real? And what is Unrelated? People create problems and they find answers and as a part of it waste resources through means of warfare. If you are smart, be smart no one cares. Don’t prove your smartness. That’s when you pour hot mud on your own faces. Bringing in unwanted trouble and getting paid for it. Oil or terrorism whatever be it. The end result is wastage of countless resources, time and labor. One thing that always snatches my mind when I this about globalization is, what the heck is it?? What was the reason globalization was influenced. How good is it working? What changes has it brought to the globe? In my own immature opinion I believe globalization has brought up powered nations to join together to suppress nations without power, so that their resource theft is unshakable and unquestionable by anyone. Recently British petroleum had a offshore oil rig explosion accident. This was the result of the improper governing of the United Nations as well as the misuse of powers between the NATO and the governing bodies. All I have to say as a organism and a part of mother nature. Stop being cruel, stop sucking out the blood of earth like parasitic leeches. Understand ecology, balance nature. Every action of us would directly reflect over us in time. Like the Tsunami’s and rising sea levels. Stop it right now. The damage caused already is hefty and we have to pay years to come. Love nature. Live on earth and die on earth. Please don’t kill our mother earth.

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