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Educational Inequality as a Social Issue

Updated on November 20, 2019
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Drishti have written an article on educational inequality which focuses on causes of it, remedies for reducing it.


Educational inequality refers to unequal distribution of academic resources which includes school funding, experienced teachers, books and technology access to socially excluded community.These communities are tend to be historically oppressed and disadvantaged and the inequality leads to difference in education efficiency of these individuals which suppresses economic and social mobility.To measure educational efficacy,generally grades, test scores, college entrance statistics, college completion rates are measured which indicates a student's academic performance ability but to accurately measure the education efficacy, it is important to separate individual's academic performance as it captures only individual's performance ability and not their learning ability or effectiveness to use it what they have learned.


Throughout the world, there have been continuous efforts to reform education at all levels. With different causes rooted in our history,culture, society this inequality is difficult to eradicate but education is important for progress and development of a society.It promotes citizenship,identity,equality of opportunity,economic growth and employment etc due to which equality is widely promoted.Unequal education outcomes are due to various variables which consists of family origin, gender,social class, achievements, health status, inflation etc.


  1. INCREASE IN CRIME RATE- The crime rate in a country will increase considerably leading to instability in society and education inequality.
  2. DECREASE IN ECONOMIC GROWTH- The economic growth and development of a country will decrease as most of the population will not be able to contribute to develop our economy due to lack of education.
  3. WEAKENS OUR DEMOCRACY- Inequality will lead to weakening of our democracy as it is unable to provide access to education and support system which is required for all the members of society to be fully informed participants in our system.
  4. FINANCIAL INSTABILITY- Lack of education will lead to instability in financial resources of a country as people will not be able to contribute in giving taxes thus lowering the tax base.
  5. INCREASE IN UNEMPLOYMENT- The lack of access to education leads to increase in unemployment as most of the people are not eligible to do a certain type of job which requires certain qualifications.


  • EDUCATION FOR ALL ACT- A global commitment to provide quality basic education to all youth, children, adults.In 2000, 164 governments pledged to achieve education for all in world education forum.The entities working for this are governments, multilateral and development agencies, private sector. UNESCO is responsible for coordinating partnerships.Although, progress has been made countries are coming further to give their support, but there is need to strengthen political commitment and needed resources.
  • GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR EDUCATION-It functions to make a global effort to reduce education inequality with the focus on poor countries. Its main focus is on supporting countries to educate their children from primary to secondary education.Main goals are to provide education access to each child, ensuring each child's basic numeracy and literacy skills, to increase the ability of governments to provide quality education for all, to provide safe place for children to learn.
  • EMERGENCE OF ONLINE CLASSES- In the digital era, there is shift from traditional higher education institutions to massive online classes which runs through content sharing, videos, online forums and exams.So, through these online classes children can get access to education and learn something which will be useful for them in future.
  • QUALITY EDUCATION- Government should provide access to quality education which helps children to become economically productive, contribute to peace and democratic societies and to enhance individual well being.
  • EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES- Government should provide jobs to all without any discrimination on any basis like caste, color, race, religion and disability.
  • PROMOTE GIRL EDUCATION- Government's policy to promote girl education ''new modern education policy'' and to remove inequality in education.


It can be used as a tool to empower individuals and enables them to effectively participate in the activities of society and to give positive contribution to progress of society and economic growth of a country.


When there will be equality in education, the students with their knowledge and skills becomes productive members of society and their achievements, opportunity to get educated leads to better social and economic outcome for a individual, region and the nation.The individual's level of education determines the quality of his future life. System which practices equality in education provides strong foundation of a society which will be fair and thriving.

Educational inequality affects our economy that relies on innovations and the ability of people to perform exceptionally in a specific intellectual field.Inequality leads to differences in society related to the efficiency of individuals.So, equal opportunities of access to education should be given to all and government's policies should be implemented in a fair and strict manner in order to remove inequality in education and in order to increase the growth of our economy, for the development of a nation.


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