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Updated on January 27, 2011
Entj vs Intp
Entj vs Intp

ENTJ INTP relationship

Relationships between two NTs can be intense. This is especially the case with ENTJs and INTPs. Almost always this relationship ends up changing the two persons involved tremendously, usually for the better (this is IF they open up to each other enough).

Both ENTJs and INTPs are usually very bright, individualistic people and excellent debaters(although the INTP may not be as verbally/vocally fluent as the ENTJ). They are also both very often opinionated and don't back down or give in if they think they're right. Another thing to mention is however similar at their NT rational core they may seem, they look at the world from different angles usually.

What does this result in?

Debates! Lots of them! Which for an NT isn't all that bad as it seems. In fact, it can be damn fun and exhilarating (especially for the ENTJ). The fact that they think and observe things from different angles can bring them both insight they would never get on their own because one's blind-spot is the other's strength.

Of course, the relationship can be fun too, relaxing even, but you WILL have debates and arguments and that will usually be fruitful if debated with a goal of better understanding of something.

Unhealthy ENTJ INTP clash

However,if two "unhealthy" people of these types clash, it can turn into an outsmarting contest with piercing sarcastic comments that hurt more than an insult. The INTP suddenly starts looking unrealistic and disconnected from all reality to the ENTJ, and the ENTJ appears selfish, egotistic and downright evil to the INTP. The funniest thing amidst those "insults" is that neither will ever show they're hurt even the slightest bit because both are masters of hiding their feelings. If this happens, ask yourself, where am I going with this? Start doubting yourself first and realize that winning an argument for the sake of winning is just an ego trip that won't bring you much. Be human first and act with respect.

A few additional words

I'm sorry if this text seems a bit incoherent (I don't have the patience to structure it well now) but I hope it helps you to see the perspective of an ENTJ who's had her share of contact with INTPs and who respects them even though she sometimes hates their guts. I'm pretty certain that as they grow older INTPs and ENTJs get along better and better.

Also, here's another perspective on the ENTJ INTP relationship.


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    • profile image

      rad 5 years ago

      same here my best friend is an entj and im an intp we get along perfectly

    • profile image

      Tex 5 years ago

      Right on! Me and my BF are a INTP + ENTJ couple and this is totally us-- love to debate and sometimes it gets a little heated but that's when we both need to take a step back!

    • profile image

      IndyJ 6 years ago

      My BFF is an ENTJ and I'm an INTP and we get along SO WELL. I think it's because even though each indicator (I-N-T-P) fit us so well, we don't fit the stereotype of the INTP (absentminded egghead - which i am) and ENTJ (head bitch in charge - which she is). Our friendship consists of intellectual conversations, that veer into the zany, completely irrelevant, and occasionally just plain ridiculous. We banter and poke fun at each other and neither one of us has to curb our tongues for fear of hurting the other's "feelings." We just say what comes to mind.

      She despairs of my lack of organization and I've slowly become more organized/planned out/structured thanks to her nagging. I force her to concede in arguments and she says it benefits her to get to flesh them all out with an equal. Even when we don't agree (a lot of the time, usually based on a technicality), we can definitely agree that it's interesting and enriching.

    • profile image

      intp 6 years ago

      Wow, this describes me and my friend totally :D