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ESL Fun Speaking Activity - Vampire Attack

Updated on May 5, 2015

ESL Fun Speaking Activity - Vampire Attack



This is a fun ESL speaking activity about a ferocious vampire attack here on earth.

Time: 40-60 minutes

Levels: Intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced.


  • Put students into groups of 4 or 5 and give them the handout.
  • Firstly, they must match the words to the definitions.
  • Then they need to put the items in order of importance 1-24.
  • Next, they need to choose items from the list. Let each group choose one item and then move on to the next group until all the items are gone.
  • Finally, they must discuss how they are going to survive the vampire attack with their group. They should refer to the questions on the handout when considering their survival strategy.
  • A team speaker needs to be chosen to outline their plan to the class. The other groups are encouraged to poke holes in their survival tactics and to ask questions about their decisions.
  • A vote should be taken at the end to see who has the best plan.

The Situation

Vampires have attacked our planet! They are running loose all over the world biting people and draining their blood. You and a number of friends have survived the initial attack, but you are cold, hungry and afraid. You find yourselves in a supermarket with some other groups of survivors. There are only a small number of items left in the shop.

1.Match the vocabulary to the definitions.

2. Decide which are the most important and put them into order 1-24. You will be allowed to choose items one group at a time.

3. After choosing your survival tools, talk to your group about how you plan to stay alive. Be prepared to answer questions from the other groups about your survival strategies.

4. Now look at the questions below in the speaking activity.

Your Vampire Attack Survival Kit

Bottles of water
Warm clothes
Swiss army knife
Rosary beads
Wooden stake
Survival fire starter
Dried food
First aid kit
Baby wipes
Gun and ammunition
Holy water
Sleeping bag
Water purification tablets

Match the items to the definitions

  • A container used for heating up water or food.
  • A strong substance that glues things together.
  • Long pieces of string, used to tie things together.
  • A tool which is used to start fires but can be used in any conditions.
  • A shooting weapon and bullets.
  • A strong smelling plant.
  • A long, sharp knife.
  • A blanket used when camping.
  • Water that has been blessed.
  • A tool that is used to cut wood.
  • An instrument used to light fires or cigarettes.
  • A necklace that is used when praying.
  • Containers of water.
  • Food that lasts a long time.
  • A liquid that can be used to clean wounds or start fires.
  • A small knife that has many tools attached.
  • Something that is used to keep the body clean.
  • Pills that can be added to dirty water to make it drinkable.
  • Also known as a torch.
  • Strong, moist tissues that smell nice. Used to clean the body.
  • Jumpers and jackets.
  • A box containing items to clean wounds and take care of injuries.
  • Used for reading.
  • A long wooden stick that is sharp at one end.

Speaking Activity - Consider These Questions

  1. Where are you going to stay tonight?

  2. What will you do if your friend is injured and is slowing you down?

  3. What are you going to eat today?

  4. It’s below freezing tonight, how are you going to keep warm?

  5. If you meet some people who are injured, what will you do?

  6. Do you trust other people?

  7. Are you prepared to kill a human if they threaten you?

  8. What are you willing to exchange for food?

  9. What are you willing to exchange for shelter?

  10. Are you prepared to kill a friend who has just been bitten, but still looks human?

  11. What will you do if you get bitten?

  12. Would you be prepared to join another group even if you didn't like the look of them?

© 2015 Muttface


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