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EFL / ESL Game: Connect 4

Updated on January 17, 2013

Level: pre intermediate - upper intermediate

This easy to prepare whiteboard version of the popular game can be used to review a range of grammatical structures. This example uses the past simple.

On the board write a list of pronouns going down and seven verbs going across to make the grid. See example at the end.

Divide the class into two teams.

The first team choses a verb and makes a sentence using that verb and she in the past simple. Eg. ‘She played football.’ If they make a correct sentence mark the square in the grid with an ‘O.’

Play then passes to the other team who try to claim another square in the same way with an ‘X.’

As this is Connect 4 teams can only build on top of squares that have already been claimed. Therefore a team can’t choose ‘he’ and ‘say’ unless the ‘she’ and ‘say’ square has already been played. Think of it as a physical connect 4 grid. You wouldn’t have counters floating in mid air.

Needless to say play continues until a team makes a row of 4.

Example grid:








___go_____ play_____ say_____ eat_____ see_____ do_____ make


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    • Patrick Widdess profile image

      Patrick Widdess 4 years ago from Cambridge, UK

      Thanks Rich. You need to do a demonstration and maybe get a strong student to captain each side. Once they get it you can re-use it in future lessons. Have fun!

    • Rich W2K profile image

      Rich 4 years ago from Gold Coast

      Brilliant. This is a well thought out classroom activity. I love the ones that are based on board games but on a much grander scale. This is very useful, thanks for posting it. I hope I can explain the rules clearly enough before I begin or else it won't go well. Rich