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ESL Kids: Free Shapes Worksheets

Updated on December 23, 2009

Teaching young kids the English words for shapes can be really dull and boring unless you give them some interesting graphics to work with. The following free ESL worksheets for basic shapes have been created by me and can be used in your classrooms with your students freely. They CANNOT, however, be copied and uploaded to other websites without my express written permission (and if you've got a commercial site, the answer is going to be no!) There are several variations of each worksheet, some which teach more than just the names of the shapes themselves. They have been saved at a high resolution to keep the images and text as clear as possible when printing -- when you click the photo it will open and then you need to save it and print it from your saved copy, because it will look much smaller if you print it directly from the photo on this page. Right click, save, print and enjoy! I will be uploading more soon to other pages so be sure to check back for more links.

Basic ESL Shapes Worksheet

This free ESL worksheet covers the following basic shapes and uses both their singular and plural forms: circle, circles, square, squares, star, stars, heart. (Hearts and other shapes are on the next worksheet.) Generally, I have kids copy the words several times each, with a minimum of 3 times. This ESL worksheet is only meant to teach them the basic words and show them the difference between one and several.

Click on the photo to get the full size, save it to your computer and then print it.

More Basic ESL Shapes Worksheet

This shapes worksheet goes along with the first and can be printed on the opposite side of the first worksheet if you'd like to cover all the basics in one go. As with the first, it covers the plural and singular forms and shows them in a visual manner to make "absorption" easy.

To print it, you'll first need to click on the photo and save it -- if you print directly from the image itself it will be too small and create overly large margins.

Color and Count Shapes

If your students can count and identify colors, you can incorporate all of these in your lesson with the following free ESL shapes worksheet. They should color the shapes according to the written words, and they should pay close attention to whether or not the shapes are singular or plural. The repetition of one, two, one, three, one, four (etc) will keep them going back and forth between the two forms.

Again, click the photo and save it before printing.

More Color and Count Shapes

Here you'll find the rest of the basic shapes. Once again, student will color according to the written text and then copy the phrases while learning the difference between the singular and the plural. You can print this on the back of the previous paper, or you can hand them out separately. Personally, I like to do one in class to be sure they get the general drift and then let them do the second one for homework.

Click on the photo, save it and print!


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