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ESL Lesson Plans Canada Day

Updated on May 21, 2017

ESL Lesson Plans - Canada Day

Canada Day is on July 1st and it is a great idea for ESL student to learn about the country that they are living in. There will be community Canada Day events and celebrations.

Check your local dollar store for Canadian paraphernelia including flags, cups, tattoos, stickers and more. These are great teaching tools and can be incorporated into Canada Day lesson plans.

You can find this great Canada Day reading on ESL Holiday Lessons.

Mind Map about Canada is a great way to get started. Write Canada on the board with a circle and ask student what do they know about Canada. What is one word to describe Canada? Make the mind map and write down what the students say around Canada.

ESL Lesson Plans - Canadian Coins

The Canadian coins do not just have a monetary value but also good for teaching Canadian symbols, history and animals. Use the coins to help elicit information about Canada.

Penny - Maple Leaf (These are ceasing production but there are still a lot around)

Nickel - Beaver

Dime - The Bluenose ship under sail

Quarter- Caribou

Loonie- Canadian Loon

Twoonie- Polar Bear

For more information regarding Canadian coins, see the Canadian Mint.

Students can look at the coins in groups or pairs to answer the questions. Brainstorm on the board with students.

"What is Canadian?"

*What are Canadian animals?

*What are Canadian symbols?

*What you know about Canada?

Canadian Identity Lesson Plan

Canada Digital Archives have this complete lesson plan and worksheets on Canadian Identity for advanced students. It is higher level research project. It is intended for Grade 9-10 level however it could be adapted easily for ESL adults who you are trying to provide a Canadian context while they are studying English in Canada

Check the lessons out at the following link:


ESL Lesson Plans - I AM CANADIAN Commercial Discussion

After watching the commercial, discuss about Canadian stereotypes.

*Which stereotypes did you have about Canada before you came here?

*What did you not know about Canada?

*After living here, do you have the same stereotypes? What have you learned?

Discuss stereotypes of the different countries.

*What stereotypes are there of your own country or classmates countries

*What can we learn from each other about them?

Canada Day Quiz - Canadian Facts

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