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Resources For ESL Teachers - English Lesson Plan - Superlatives

Updated on February 9, 2012

Teaching English

During my early 20s I spent 5 years teaching English as a second language in Phuket Thailand. It was a wonderful experience and something I will always remember. I found it more rewarding teaching children, because they were always excited to learn something new. During my time as a teacher, I was often presented with little or no books or materials to work with. I developed several lesson plans for teaching children the basics of English vocabulary and grammar. Below is a lesson plan designed to teach young children superlatives. For those of you that do not already know, these are describing the greatest form of the adjective. For example : biggest, best, greatest, oldest, most beautiful and so on. This lesson will also work well with comparatives, you can see my lesson plan for comparatives > Resources For ESL Teachers - English Lesson Plan - Comparatives.


ESL Lesson - Superlatives

The first step is to give a demonstration in order to show the children an example of the vocabulary. You should ask the tallest and shortest students to come to the front of the class, as well as the thinnest and the fattest students. You will want to be careful not to upset anyone, so if you think that the child may not be comfortable with their weight then do not focus on it. In many Asian cultures (Thai in particular) it is not considered rude to poke fun at somebody for being fat. So many fat people will be used to having their friends call them fat or big, and this will not be shocking to them. With the four students standing side by side in front of the class, you should tell the students who is the tallest and the shortest, and the thinnest and fattest. Have them repeat after you.

The next step is to get the students involved, using any of the students in the class as an example. You can ask the other students to tell you who they think is the smartest, the strongest or the most beautiful. Once they understand what you are getting at, they will likely be excited to express their opinion on such issues.

The next step is to give a demonstration on the chalkboard (yes they still use chalk in Thailand). You draw a simple sketch of the four children on the board, you can draw stick figures if you are not artistically inclined. You ask the students to tell you who is tallest, shortest, fattest and thinnest. You repeat this process with all of the 4 students participating in the demonstration. After this demonstration you can hand out a worksheet, I have attached a copy below of the worksheet I used to use. The worksheet has cartoon photos of the famous cartoon family "The Simpsons". The students are often far more interested in the lesson if you can put it into context using something they like such as cartoons or sports. You can feel free to print out copies of it and use it if you like.

Worksheet Free Download



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