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ESOL Teaching Resource – 10 Discussion topics for London Olympics 2012

Updated on July 15, 2012

This is an ESOL Teaching Resource.

I have written this for ESOL Teachers and ESOL Learners. As you know, the Curriculum includes Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Tasks.

Below are some Discussion topics, to engage learners in different levels. Learners can be put in groups and given 5 to 10 minutes to discuss each point, while you walk round each group and listen/observe – so you can give feedback later.


1) What Olympic event do you like? or What is your favourite sports activity to do, or to watch?

2) The photo below shows the Official Olympic Uniform. Describe the people and the uniform they are wearing.

3) What are the 3 Olympic medals, that are given to winners/athletes, who come first, second and third?


4)If Athletes have been banned for drugs in a previous game, should they be banned from competing in the Olympics for life?

5)Who is your favourite sports personality and why?

6)What advice would you give to the organisers of Olympics 2012, to ensure it’s a successful event? Think of:

  • Security.
  • Accommodation.
  • Travel.
  • Athletes.
  • Londoners

7) Which Countries do not participate in the Olympics and why?

8) What advice do you have for tourists visiting London for the event.

9) What do you know about “Match Fixing?”

10) Would you like the Olympics to be held in your Country? Why?


For more Teaching Articles, visit the “Teachers Corner” on my ESOL Website.

Note to Teachers:

You might need to do some research on Question 7, before the discussion.

Note to Hubbers:

Ps. This Article has been closed to comments, unlike my other articles. It's a teaching Resource. Thanks so much for stopping by though. ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶




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