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Exodus, The Human Factor

Updated on October 20, 2017

The majestic mountain with its daunting volcanic peak off Ternate stood tall as if claiming the entire island. Or perhaps the whole expanse of the water body about it. Navigating in its close proximity,I wondered whether the local inhabitants ever thought of abandoning it. The smoking summit, the periodic spells of lava and the showers of ashes could never unnerve those people who dwelled on itsweather side for generations. Not even a single family fled. Their evasive measures might’vebeen flimsy. Their intentsreflected a mysterious resolve nonetheless. Like the Vesuvius,killed hordes and yet couldn’t exterminate human tenacity.

There are quite a number of places on the globe where natural catastrophes frequent. Havoc abounds in floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, depressions, blizzards, landslides, rains in torrents and revolving storms, you name any. And yet the natives move along. They stay put abreast with all the mayhem. They outbrave all the atrocities and still carry on.

Mothers care. And so does Earth. There’s love even in her wrath. Her fleeting annoyance causes the emergence of an even enhanced sequel of salves and rewards.

What particular phenomenon actually does trigger an exodus then? Would you say social and political disparity? What initiates brain-drain? Communal injustice, won’t you think?

Well, that’s no ecological calamity or is it? Nature helps. Famine didn’t drive settlers out of Egypt, the pharaoh’s regime did. Likewise for the Europeans to the New World! How else would an uncharted, albeit, hostile territory welcome the Mayfair company?

So I say nations can survive alongside natural disasters. However, man-created hazards are by far the most lethal. Such locally provoked deterrents particularly propel youth to seek greener pasture elsewhere.

What happens when one sees negligible to no agenda encompassing education, jobs, health, justice and social security?

Matters worsen more atrociously than what follows any steepest plunge of a barometer or a craziest shudder of a seismograph either singly or together.

And that is truly when masses move.


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