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Early Childhood Education Course in Malaysia

Updated on April 23, 2013

List of Early Childhood Education Courses in Malaysia

I'll try to keep this list continuously updated.

Please let me know of any relevant courses which I can add to the list, as well as anything else you'd like to see here.

Pointing out errors and broken links, would also be helpful.



HELP University

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons)

Course Website

Programme Brochure


Kolej Dika

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Special Education (Early Years)

Basic Childcare Course (Kursus Asas Asuhan Kanak-kanak)

Other Short Courses - Covering topics such as:

  • Educating Children with Special Education Needs
  • Young Children and Language Literacy
  • Young Children and Mathematics
  • Young Children and Science
  • Young Children and Arts : Music, Movement & Drama
  • Young Children and The Visual Arts
  • Effective Management in Early Care and Education


Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Course Website

Course Fees

Application Form



SEGi University College

BA (Hons) in Early Years Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education

International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy (Montessori Centre International, UK)

Short Courses - approximately 42 hours long, except for the Basic Childcare Course which is approximately 100 hours long

  • Basic Childcare Course
  • Creative Arts for Young Children
  • Child Psychology & Development
  • Music & Movement for Young Children
  • Nursery & Pre-School Management
  • Special Education Needs


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    • profile image

      hillary 3 years ago

      Do they offer this course at the UCSI KL campus?

    • profile image

      hendra 4 years ago

      im going for an interview tomorrow at SRIcollege in segambut kepong which happens to offer only early childhood education courses.

    • profile image

      suthasni chandraboss 4 years ago

      is unitary coloberated with yayasan international collage for early childhood education diploma

    • profile image

      le 4 years ago

      ucsi univercity