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Earning Your Psychology Degree Online For Future Success

Updated on June 23, 2015

Earning your psychology degree online is an option that offers several advantages. Convenience is a major advantage. You can study when and where you want. The other things you have going on in your life will not interfere with your schedule. While you may need to take a few tests at a proctored location, most of your work will be done at home on your desktop or laptop computer. Here are the answers to some questions you may have about the programs.


Institutions Where You Can Earn your Phycology Degree Online

Kaplan, Phoenix, Liberty University and Walden are just a few of the institutions with options for Online phycology degree seekers . It is often referred to as distance learning because this was a new option for people who lived too far away from a college or university to make classroom attendance possible. Now, people are choosing virtual classes even if the institution is close by. If there is a specific institution you would like to attend, find out what virtual classes they have to offer.


Career Opportunities with Your Bachelors in Psychology

There are many career fields in psychology for bachelor’s degree holders. You could find work as a mental health technician, child development specialist, dietician, labor relations manager, human resource advisor just to name a few. You may also consider obtaining additional education such as certifications to help you become more marketable.

Receiving Your Degree from an Accredited Online University

As long as the university is accredited, one degree is just as good as another. Some universities are more respected among psychologists. It might be a good idea to talk to another psychologist about this subject. If you go into private practice, your clients probably won’t care where you graduated from. But if you want to join an existing practice or work for an employer, the employer could prefer one school to another.

Length of Time Needed To Earn an Online Degree in Psychology

It typically takes the same length of time that it would take if you attended a traditional college. That is four years for a bachelor’s degree. It takes some people longer because they don’t have time to take a full load of classes each semester. Some people finish faster because they take extra classes each semester and they take classes in the summer. You can work at your own pace to a certain extent. Most professors provide a syllabus at the beginning of the semester to help you plan your schedule.

Distance Education and Your Degree

Distance education is becoming increasingly popular and most employers recognize and respect the extra effort that it takes to earn a psychology degree online. The degree will show that you have self-discipline and self-motivation.


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