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Earth Changes: What the Maya Predict

Updated on September 15, 2014
Ancient Mayan Temple of the Great Jaguar At Tikal
Ancient Mayan Temple of the Great Jaguar At Tikal | Source

Earth Changes by 2016 and Beyond

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, the President of the Mayan Council of Elders has given Drunvalo Melchizedek, a spiritual seeker and author the permission to tell the world what the Mayan prophecy that made everyone sit up and take notice in 2012 really means.

The result is Melchizedeks web broadcast The Maya of Eternal Time.Melchizedek reveals how the Earth will change, according to the Maya, and how humans can survive doomsday.

The Maya allege that during the "End of Time" period (2007 to 2015), the axis of the Earth will shift. It's said that this shift will happen in just 20 hours. Complete darkness will accompany or follow this pole shift. This period during which even the stars can't be seen will last for 30 hours.

The Maya want to reassure people that this darkness will end and they must not be fearful. In the last pole shift that occurred 13,000 years ago, millions perished because they did not understand what was happening and were filled with fear. The Maya claim that they were there to see it. In fact, they trace their origins to Atlantis.

The pole shift theory is backed by scientists who say that a 17-degree shift into Russia can occur any minute now. Melchizedek adds that even Edgar Cayce predicted a 16 degree axis shift into Russia some time after 1998.

Melchizedek points out that this means that people may wake up to find themselves in a completely new place as the Earths crust will also move. He says it is a good idea to check where one would end up relative to the equator and so be prepared for extreme heat or cold.

The Mayan Calendar Is Highly Accurate About Celestial Events And The Worst Is Yet To Come
The Mayan Calendar Is Highly Accurate About Celestial Events And The Worst Is Yet To Come | Source

Mayan Predictions About Earth's Magnetic Fields

Melchizedek explains what the scientists say about the movement of the Earths crust and its effects on the Earths upper mantle. Hundreds of such shifts have already happened. Before the last pole shift, Hudson Bay was the north pole.

Polar shift is related to the Earth's magnetic fields. There is a weakening of the magnetic field followed by a complete absence of the field before an axis shift. The absence of the magnetic field causes the Earths crust to liquefy.

The crust can then rotate and along with it, the Earths upper mantle. According to scientists, the huge ice cap at the south pole will begin the shift in the mantle.

The weakening of the magnetic field showed itself about 40 years ago when whales began to beach themselves and birds lose their way. So the absence of the magnetic field is not far away.

According to Mayan Prophecy, The Apocalypse Which Will Usher In The Golden Age Is Not Far
According to Mayan Prophecy, The Apocalypse Which Will Usher In The Golden Age Is Not Far | Source

Modern Mayans on Surviving Apocalypse

There is only one way to survive the great Earth changes in store, say the Maya and become part of "The Sixth Sun, the name the Maya gave to the new world that is about to emerge. They suggest that man must realize the oneness of all things, the fact that all are equal.

Duality Consciousness must give way to Unity Consciousness. The Maya have always understood this, as evidenced by their standard greeting: You are another me, and I am another you.

What to Expect on Doomsday

The Maya say that there will be a polar shift in the axis of the Earth in the near future. They also prophesy 30 hours of darkness. Melchizedek explains the science behind the polar shift which is related to the absence of the Earths magnetic field.

The message of the Maya: Humans can survive the catastrophe by refusing to get overwhelmed by fear and to shift from Duality Consciousness to Unity Consciousness. They believe that a new world is about to emerge and man will reach the ultimate level of consciousness.


The Maya of Eternal Time - web broadcast by Drunvalo Melchizedek.


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    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Thank you for the comment grand old lady. Yes there are extremes of weather everywhere and the trend continues and is getting worse by the day.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      I'm sitting in an air conditioned room with two electric fans wrapped in wet towels because of the extreme heat in the Philippines this summer. According to the Mayan calendar, something will happen next year. Come what may, I love the Mayan saying, "You are another me, and I am another you." Very interesting hub.