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Earth Mysteries: Animals Encased in Stone

Updated on April 27, 2011

As we continue in the series of Earth Mysteries I have come across one that has me stumped but yet fascinated. There have been reports of animals being incased in stone. I’m not referring to fossils or ancient life that has been found but actual living breathing reptile, birds, and mammals that live there entire life inside a stone. That once exposed to air the animals tend to pass away unexplainably.


There was a large magazine at the time that appeared a unusual story about live animal entombment in the rock. It was a late seventeen hundreds edition of the annual register it was attributed to Ambrose pare he was the chief surgeon of Henry 3 of the French republic. It is the earliest known instance of this being told. The stone was examined by top professionals in the field of geology at the time and came to the conclusion the rock itself was millions of years old. So the question remained how can this toad live in there if only for a few years in a million year old rock? Or if it was entombed when the stone was made, how did it survive?

Perhaps this is a story of old fashion folklore being passed down through the generations. As stories get told down the line they change for excitement of the find and facts change so who know if this encounter was real. But, there are other instances of this being found as we travel up the years. Some workers doing a site excavation for a new hotel in Hartlepool, England a couple of hundred years later in eighteen sixty found something similar. They were working in limestone and had dug several feet down and discovered a block of magnesium and limestone that was hit by the end of a pick. Low and behold the worker noticed a unusual stone with a animal incased in it. It was pure white like it had seen no sun ever. Its eyes opened and suddenly it gasped for breath and died.

Also around, the same time on the other side of the world in a small town in south Africa a timber men was cutting some very large treed.  The trees were being sliced into planks to be used on a new dock that was being built not that far away. While cutting the planks he came across a live animal in one of them. It was a family of about 69 toads each the size of about a grape or smaller. They were light brown almost white like they had never seen the sun at all. With nothing to indicate how they could have got there, how long they had been there, or how they could have lived without food, drink or air."

Again we see that they are encased in a tree, no indication of how they would be able to survive. Scientist have concluded that they adapted to their environment so there philological structures changes to the confinement and were able to survive on the least of the most usual nourishment. Of what the environment allowed for them. So this teaches us that all animals have a unique ability to severely adapt in a hurry to changing environments. Which is fascinating in it but that is another story.

We continue with the impossibility of these animals being encased in stone another animal that has been found like this is turtles. In early summer of nineteen seventy five there was more excavation in a city south of El Paso TX. According to witnesses they were laying the foundation for a new hospital and came across a living turtle after breaking up some granite and concrete from a previous excavation. The animal is thought to have been caught up in the pour of the contrite that was laid originally. The hole was shaped exactly like the turtle and it was still alive. But, with the numerous reports and the hollow shell that they are incased to the exact shape how do they survive. Is it simple adaptability or something that mother earth has kept secret all these years? We may never know but they will continue to make us scratch are heads until the Earth mystery is solved.


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  • Silva Hayes profile image

    Silva Hayes 6 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

    So strange. Have you heard of Ol' Rip, the horned lizard, who was supposedly entombed in a cornerstone of the Eastland County courthouse in Texas and 31 years later was discovered still alive?

  • A Universal Truth profile image

    A Universal Truth 6 years ago

    Intriguing stuff, especially the bit about the live turtle, the flexibility of life constantly astounds me.

  • tnderhrt23 profile image

    tnderhrt23 6 years ago

    Very curious, interesting hub!