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Earth Mysteries: Mysterious Tunnels

Updated on May 4, 2011

There is always something spooky about deep dark caves and tunnels. Maybe it is the human physic that tells us that danger lurks in the dark so we should not explore. Or it can be that they open into the body of the earth and we may be swallowed alive. But, for whatever reason our human determination of curiosity is one that not even deep dark tunnels and caves can keep us away.

They are the stories of myths and legends around the world. From fierce monsters who come out at night to steal our children, the devilish games of the earthly devils, or the dragon that has been sleeping on treasure for thousands of years. They serve as backgrounds for exciting stories and mythological creatures the world over. They create a fascination of wonder with the unknown and a way to interact with the fears that reside in the subconscious.


There are stories abound across a wide variety of sources that say there are tunnels deep within the earth that a form of unknown magic exist. Some believe that these tunnels lead to the hollow earth or a magical lost city of Atlantis. There are legends and stories of elves, fairies, and leprechauns all around the world that dwell in these deep lurking tunnels so beware. It’s not that the tunnels just exist but what makes us explore them is the unknown of why they are there who originally built them and for what purpose.

In modern times there are many conspiracies that extraterrestrials and our government are working together making deep underground Military bunkers or (DUMB). Although we already know our government has bunkers all around the country dating back to the 50s. I am sure other countries have them as well but they make for fun and sometimes scary stories.

During the early spring of the nineteen o nine there was a large excavation dug out of the Grand Canyon. A archeologist by the name of G.E Kinkaid made a fantastic discovery of monumental proportions. While excavating these tunnels in the Grand Canyon he came across a massive chamber about fourteen hundred feet down that reminded him of spokes on a wheel the tunnels went in every direction. In each of these tunnels were several hundred rooms that contained artifacts like weapons and copper instruments not know to be used by any native Americas at the time. There were actual mummies found all adults and wrapped in bark. In another room was a shrine with a Buddha like figurine that was made of pure gold. Tablets were located with writing not similar to what had been found in Egypt pyramids. Each unusual and fascinating artifact has a story why it is there.

There are tunnels to be said all over the world from Brazil, Russia and California each with a story of its own. Some explores report of being in the hands of an advance race of subterranean people that are reported to be decedents of Atlantis or even Noah. An old man in Brazil claims to have seen hovercraft after traveling 2 miles underground where the walls were run smooth and green light lit the tunnel.

Of course these are stories, or are they based on fact? Some claim to have brought proof back out but when asked where the tunnels are located somehow they seem to forget or get lost? But, not everyone is a story teller and they may be telling the truth of a unknown we have yet to find in the main stream. J But they fortify our fascination with strange caves and tunnels. They make me, at least, want to go exploring in them. And who knows what would be found!


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    i just might thanks dream :)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    We need another hub from you on the subject with specific details and pics of interesting tunnels!! Cheers!!

  • ewd76 profile image


    7 years ago from Hanover, VA

    There were tunnels in Japan that were used by the US army during WWII. There are also tunnels underneath Dover Castle which was used by the British.


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