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Earth is Setting Record Temperatures

Updated on October 26, 2014

Despite the overwhelming evidence about global weather changes and patterns caused by mankind, some still doubt it. Despite the fact that in the Book of Revelations of the Bible it clearly states that in End Times, one of the early warning signs it is near, IS erratic and unexplainable weather patterns that causes woes on mankind. Yet, many still doubt it. I guess that is where faith comes in along science, mankind's religion to explain the unexplainable.

According NOAA that tracks changing weather patterns, 2014-2015 will break all records for temperature increases since records began in 1880. Already, the global average temperature is a warm 60 degree F. September, 2014, was the hottest month ever record for the planet. The first nine months of 2014 also set records being an average of 58 degree F. Warm temps on Earth also broke records from 1995-98 and 2005, 2010.

There still are those who simply refuse to believe even scientific facts and then there is this proof: a cold temperature record has NOT been set since 1916, yet, Earth continues to break heat records. And, yes, the ocean water is also getting warmer and breaking records. For the past five months, average ocean temperatures have broken former records.

Now, science does blame the El Nino, a warming of the Pacific ocean. When it is present, everything gets warmer, when it is not, weather moderates across the globe. But, what actually creates El Nino and why? For this, science is not so sure and opinions differ. It seems El Nino just develops and causes weather to be warmer impacting all humanity. Weather is more extreme than it ever has been and more unpredictable and mankind can do nothing about weather or weather patterns that impact sea life and crops that humans rely on. Droughts in the USA and Brazil are worse than recorded over 80 years ago. Water is vital for living things, all delivered by rain. Mankind cannot make water, only purify it to be able to reuse it or use desalination. So, weather patterns are changing and making extreme the new normal.

For those believers with faith, the global weather changes cannot be stopped or fixed by man because God has allowed it to occur. It will pass and another warning sign that End Times are coming will fall upon Earth because of lack of faith.


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