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Earth - keep it green

Updated on March 28, 2015

Green Earth

Green Earth
Green Earth | Source

Beauty of Earth

You know our earth is a beautiful place to live in. But is it still beautiful ?

How do you feel when you pass through a road with green trees on both sides of the road ?

Naturally, you feel cool and fresh. Do we find this type of road anywhere now ? It is really difficult to find a place which is green and cool. Our population is increasing day on day. To meet the needs of this increasing population, people have started cutting down trees. People cut trees to make houses and furniture and even to grow crops on that land.

Cutting down of trees has also resulted in the loss of home for many of the wild animals which has resulted in the extinction of these animals as they do not have home to live and food to eat.

Earth is crying. Do you know, why ?

People have destroyed her beauty. It is no longer as green and beautiful as it was earlier.

Beauty of Earth

Beauty of Earth
Beauty of Earth | Source

Trees are useful to us:

  1. Trees give us fresh oxygen to breathe in.
  2. They help in bringing rain.
  3. The roots of the trees hold the soil firmly and help in reducing soil erosion.
  4. Trees give us fruits, vegetables and medicines.
  5. Trees give us wood for making paper and fiber for making clothes.
  6. Trees give us medicines.

Cutting down of trees in large numbers is called deforestation. It has disturbed the balance in global warming. It harms our environment. In the absence of trees, topsoil can be easily eroded, there is a shortage of rain and we do not get fresh air to breathe. It is our duty to save our Earth. We should try to make it happy as it was earlier. Can we all do it ?

Use of trees

Use of trees
Use of trees | Source

How to save our Earth ?


  • We should plant more and more trees before cutting down the old ones.
  • We should not waste fuel, paper, etc.
  • We should avoid cutting trees.
  • We should use materials which can be recycled.
  • We should avoid using plastic bags. Jute bags or paper bags are the best substitute for them.

Programmes like 'forest festival' should be celebrated in the school. Each and every child should be encouraged to plant one tree.


Afforestation | Source

World environment day

5 June is called world environment day. This day should be celebrated with great enthusiasm. People should be made aware about their responsibilities towards our Earth. let us take a pledge today to make our Earth green.

If air and water supplies are clean, people will be healthier. It is important for all people to learn about the environment so that human beings can live in greater harmony with the rest of the world.

Let us think about this

Let us think about this
Let us think about this | Source

Food chain

Living and non-living things in an ecosystem depend on each other in a series of eating and being eaten. Plant absorb nutrients from the soil and prepare food. These plants are eaten by herbivores. Herbivores are eaten by carnivores. These carnivores when die again get decomposed by decomposers and reach the soil. This chain of eating and being eaten is called a food chain.

Balance in nature

It has been found that even if we remove one type of animal from the food chain, it will disturb the whole nature, e.g., in the given food chain, let us see what happens if all the eagles are killed.

  1. If all the eagles are killed, the number of snakes will increase rapidly.
  2. They will eat up all frogs and the number of frogs will decrease.
  3. In the absence of frogs, number of grasshoppers will increase and they will eat all the plants.
  4. The human beings will not get food and will die of starvation.

This shows that disturbance in any part of food chain would disturb the whole nature.

Interpendence of plants and animals

Animals depend on plants for shelters. Birds build nests on trees. Squirrels make holes called dreys in the trunk of trees. Spiders knit webs and bees make beehives on the branches of tree. They also depend on plants for their food and oxygen to breathe.

Human beings get wood, rubber, gum, resins, medicines, etc. from plants. Paper and clothe are made from wood and plant fibers. We also get jute and cotton from plants.

Plants also depend on animals. Animals give out carbon-dioxide which is used by plants to make their food. Many animals help in the dispersal of seeds.

How nature gets disturbed

  • People have has started cutting down trees to meet their needs of housing and agriculture. As a result , many wild animals like lions, zebras, elephants, etc. have lost their shelters. Cutting of trees can cause soil erosion, floods, droughts and many climatic changes.
  • Smoke from factories and mills pollutes air and water which is harmful for all living beings.
  • People hunt wild animals for pleasure, as a result many species of animals and birds have become extinct and some have become endangered

Concrete facts

  • Trees are very useful to us.
  • They give us fresh air to breathe and prevent soil erosion by holding the soil firmly.
  • Trees also give us wood for furniture, fibers for clothes, medicines, fruits and vegetables.
  • Cutting down of trees in large numbers is called deforestation.
  • Deforestation has disturbed the balance of nature.
  • We should plant more and more trees to save Earth. This is called afforestation.


How to maintain balance of nature

To make this Earth a better place to live in, we must take some steps to maintain a balance of nature.

  • The cutting of trees should be banned.
  • More and more trees should be planted. Programmes like 'forest festival' and social forestry should be started which encourage school children and village people to grow more and more trees.
  • Factories and vehicles releasing smoke should be penalised.
  • National parks and wildlife sanctuaries should be established.


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