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Your Connection to the Earth

Updated on November 7, 2012

What is Earthing



The ancient Egyptians introduced the idea of emanations received on earth from the gods (i.e., the planets and sun and moon). Hermes Trismegistus, normally reputed to date from circa 400 BC, famously said that if one understood electricity and magnetism, he would understand living processes in beings!! Ancient Chinese would say something similar in describing CHI, an energy that flowed throughout living beings.

The practitioners of Radionics would argue that everything, including organic cells, emits frequencies. If you emit a canceling frequency (180 degrees out of phase) you can cancel the effect of that emanation. Match the frequency and you empower it further. This seems to me to be a satisfying explanation for many phenomena.

But there are flows of mixed frequencies in the two circulatory systems in the body -- arterial/venous and lymphatic. This mixture of flowing diverse frequencies conveys enforcement and suppression to cells and micro-organisms along the route of their travel.

Moreover, the role of micro-organisms receives scant attention. Cells contributed by the populations of endogenous micro-organisms exceed those of the human organs and structure by a factor of 10 to 1, according to research sponsored by the American Chemical Society. That fact alone throws the concepts and explanations of modern medicine into a cocked hat. We are super organisms

Speaking of plant life, however, I have concluded that the charge and chosen frequencies to emit provide a 'catalytic" effect on the natural behavior of the microbial communities in the root zone. Generally, the frequencies and/or charge empower the harmful microbes and disable or drive away the predatory microbes.


Walking on the ground in bare-feet fits here. The earth does produce its own range of frequencies and their strengths. The earth's energies emanate, if you will, from as far below the surface as the magnum rotating (with earth's rotation) in the presence of field produced by the core rotating within a large earth- encompassing field produced by immersion in a moving mass of cosmic energy. Moreover, the bottoms of our feet contain the richest concentration of nerve-endings in the body. It's as the ancient Chinese proclaimed about wellness-- its all about energy (chi).

By the way, Protagoras had much to say about this phenomenon as well. The Ancients considered the evolution of humans to have passed through a vegetative state in its development. Many would rush to deny this, I expect, but that is considered to be the meaning of Jesus’ invitation to his disciples to eat of the bread he offered (meaning his body) and wine (his blood). Eucharistic ceremonies today follow the pattern without the secret reference to bread coming from vegetable and it as a source of our bodies. Ironically, (perhaps even inexplicably) modern physiologists identify one of our nervous systems as "vegetative"!

By the way, I am informed by some who have studied the agricultural methods innovated (or employed) by Moses that he used lode stones (magnetite) along furrows of his crop fields.

Pardon, please, the longish review, but the above elements illustrate the antiquity of ideas and experiences relating electrical and magnetic (energetic) impacts on growing things and growing beings. Perhaps we are trying to define a new branch of catalytic influences on living things produced by electro-magnetic (E-M) fields?


Our modern clothing shielding us from natural energies by rubber soles, plastic liners, etc. deprive us of healing sources enjoyed by earlier peoples. Our homes also deprive us of healthy air catalyzed and charged by thunder storms with their air-cleansing properties and widely distributed E-M energies. Is it not common knowledge amongst traditional farmers that crops prospered markedly after a good lightning and thunder storm?

And to finish, adding audible frequencies to our consideration includes the experiments conducted in Iowa during the 1960's (I think) when loudspeakers played classical music in corn fields. Production and quality improved markedly. Professor Masaru Higa in his best-selling book, "Messages in Water" has shown the effect of favorable and loving messages on the effectiveness of water by showing the effect on ice crystals. He found the most forceful messages resulted from thought of love and gratitude. This result would seem to validate the co-mixture of planting and harvesting seasons with religious ceremonies that emphasized gratefulness, mercy, love, and joy for the bounty of the earth and another year of survival, especially through the winter and its fallowness.

This is one reason why modern agriculture may seem to be deficient -- no expressions of gratitude, joy, or wonder herald the marvelous bounties of Nature. Modern technology and bankrolls cannot substitute for simple, unadulterated gratitude and love of Nature's provision.

Paul W. Clark Ph.D., F.R.G.S.


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