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Earth's Natural Resources

Updated on January 3, 2015

Fossil Fuels

Our planet Earth is the only known planet in our solar system which supports life. Life appeared on our planet millions or even billion years ago. This has only been possible because of its geographical conditions in the solar system and definitely the ecosystem in which one organism is dependent on the other one for its survival.

As the passage of time we humans have become very advanced and now our planet doesn't only consist of natural things but it even consists of man made things. Now it is possible for us to cover thousands of kilometers in just couple of hours. Now, if we want to cover a few kilometers then rather than walking down for an hour or two we can just switch on the engine of our cars or bikes and reach at the destination within a few minutes. This has just been possible because of the discovery of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not just useful for travelling but are even used for the production of energy. In the present world it is not possible to survive without this energy.

Coal, petroleum, natural gas are called fossil fuels. Coal was formed during a period of over millions of years from dead plants that got berried inside the Earth whereas petroleum and natural gas were formed from the dead sea animals, the process again taking over millions of years. As we all know that the existence of human life wouldn't be possible without the existence of sun, even the energy of fossil fuels is derived from the sun.

The fossil fuels are used for various purposes like:-

  1. We cook food at home with the help of these fossil fuels (LPG)
  2. These are used as motor fuels, aviation fuels etc
  3. Useful organic chemicals
  4. Used for lubricating machinery
  5. Used for making synthetic fibers, perfumes etc

Now as we have seen how useful fossil fuels let me even tell you that it releases a high amount of Carbon Dioxide and other green house gases when used which leads to the depletion of the ozone layer and is even resulting to global warming. Fossil fuels take a long period of time to be renewed and hence its presence is limited. Now due to the increase in the population we are wasting a lot of this fossil fuel rather than conserving it which can lead to the end of its presence in the planet .

It has become very important for us to save this necessary devil both to save our nature and to save it for our future generations. A few ways using which we can conserve it are :-

  1. Encouraging the usage of public transport rather than using private vehicles
  2. To walk down to small distances rather than using our vehicles
  3. Saving electricity

Now it has become really important for us to conserve these fossil fuels so lets do it for our mother earth.


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