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Easiest way to pass the CIMA Certificate level exam

Updated on April 21, 2012

I recently finished my CIMA Certificate Level and I was able to do all 5 exams in 1 go.
Here are a few thing that you should do before the actual exams.

  • Get a thorough understanding of the syllabus and each topics weighting in the paper.
  • Don't miss any revision class if your studying at an institution.
  • Do mocks at home, search for past papers etc. on the internet.
  • Get hold of the BPP i-Pass CD's (this one helped me a lot!)
  • If any of your friend this this exam before you ask for some advice
  • And the most important of all finish your exams as ASAP!

Doing the exam ASAP is the best thing to do because you postpone exams you will never do it and you forget what you studied(this happened to me :( it took me i thought i ll do it in 1month but eventually it took me 5 months and i ended paying 10 pounds extra)

Try to do the BPP i-Pass mocks at home or if don't want to spend money you could walk into one of the CBA centers and do it for free(It depends on the Center's policy, mine allowed when the center wasn't full)
If you get above 70 marks in the mock then you can surely pass.

Check out the internet for anything relevant to your exam it will help you in some way.

My lecturers always told me that CIMA will be really easy if you have patience and strong will not brains.
One particular lecturer said:

If those fools(he was implying some of the CIMA qualified lecturers) can do it why can't you do it??

So in conclusion study well, have fun and do you exams in time.
All the best!!!


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    • profile image

      ankit 2 years ago

      can you tell me please that which paper is need to more focus??

    • profile image

      Sarah 2 years ago

      Hi, I was wondering if you could please tell me which CBA centre you went to where they let you do a mock? I have my CBA at BPP Holborn centre a week today and was wondering if I'd be able to go there this week to do a mock. Thanks, Sarah

    • profile image

      adrian 3 years ago

      CIMA has just changed their syllabus for the year 2015, it only affects the Operations, Managerial and Strategic level papers. The papaers would need a passing marks of 70%. So be careful in choosing CIMA as your preferred choice of exams. Passing these exams, persevernace is key.

      Failure is part of the process and you'll be glad that failing in CIMA is something you welcome as in the real world, failure is not an option. PERIOD!!!

    • profile image

      adrien 3 years ago

      And the most important of all finish your exams as ASAP!

      ASAP means "as soon as possible"

      Therefore, as ASAP means as as soon as possible.

      Similarly, PIN number where PIN stands for "Personal Identification Number"

      It is redundant and you call yourself a CIMA student.