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Easy Energy Science Fair Projects That Are Really Good

Updated on April 13, 2015

The main energy source in the world today is fossil fuels which are slowly getting exhausted because of excess use. Another source is hydrostatic power projects, but this not practical in areas with less water resources. All over the world research has been going on to produce energy from sources that are readily available, that pollutes the atmosphere less and which is renewable. Wind energy and solar energy are the most widely used renewable energy sources and are alternatives to the conventional power sources. Wind and solar energy based projects are the most sought after energy science fair projects.

Some ideas for science fair projects based on wind are given below.

  • Wind turbines are used to convert the mechanical energy from wind into electrical energy. The size, angle and shape of the turbine blades play a role in the efficiency of the turbine. You could study how the angle, size and shape of the blade influences the electricity produced. For this you could use a toy windmill that can generate a little electricity. Then by using blades of different materials, and angles you could find out which one generates the maximum electricity.

  • Another good idea is to make a model of a wind turbine that can produce electricity. This is very fascinating and many students have won prizes for this project.

  • You could make wind turbines that work indoors under a high speed fan or the real ones that work outside. If you just want to show how to build a turbine that produces electricity or to study the effects of different types of blades as mentioned above, then you could build the indoor type. If you want to show the power of real wind you can build a model of the real one.

  • If you feel that building a wind mill is ubiquitous, then you could attach an electric bulb or some other LED to your turbine which will light up when electricity is generated. These models are called working models. This requires more effort but will give you first hand knowledge on harnessing wind power.

We may soon find solar power generators in many houses. And solar power also makes an interesting topic for science fair projects. Solar power is readily available and is cheap. Solar energy could be used in two ways. One way is to use it to heat water or air. The heat energy from the sun is absorbed by a solar panel ad is transferred to heat up air or water.

The second way is to generate electricity. To convert the heat energy from the sun to electrical energy, photo voltaic panels are used. Each of these panels acts as cells that get charged by sunlight. To produce the desired amount of electricity a number of panels have to be combined.

You could build solar panels as part of your project and conduct experiments with that or you could use them to explain the principles of converting solar energy to heat and electricity.


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