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Easy Learn Chinese Language

Updated on June 27, 2011

If have any question or any request on Chinese language,you are welcome to leave a comment below.


Example of Han yu pinying
Example of Han yu pinying
From the old Chinese word to the latest simplified Chinese word
From the old Chinese word to the latest simplified Chinese word


Appreciate "zhen xi"
Appreciate "zhen xi"
love "ai"
love "ai"

Mandarin Tanslate to English

Something Chinese word that you must know :

  • 救命啊!(jiu ming ah)-Help Me (SOS)(emergency)
  • 帮忙(bang mang)-Help (example like help me carry the book)
  • 快跑 (kuai bao) -run
  • 叫警察/叫公安(jiao jing cha/ jiao gong an)- call police
  • 叫救护车(jiao jiu hu che)- call ambulance

Here is some example of greeting:

  • Good morning -早安 (zao an)
  • Good afternoon -午安 (wu an)
  • Hi/Hello -你好 (ni hao)
  • how are you? -你好吗? (ni hao ma)
  • I 'm fine.- 我很好(wo hen hao)
  • Nice to meet you - 很高兴认识你 (hen gao xing ren shi ni)
  • Thank you - 谢谢 (xie xie)

Well now example of mandarin compliment translate to english :

  • 帅 (shuai) - handsome (don't use this to praise people because if pronounce wrongly can be mean "bad".But mostly Chinese people use this word to praise people handsome so i use this word as example)
  • 漂亮 (piao liang) - Pretty
  • 聪明 (cong ming) - clever
  • 可爱 (ke ai) -cute
  • 高/高大(gao /gao da) -Tall
  • 天才(tian cai)-genius

Example of malicious gossip: (note :not asking you to scold others but at least know what they say )

  • 笨蛋(ben dan)-stupid
  • 丑八怪(chou ba guai)-ugly
  • 白痴(bai ci)-moron
  • 神经病(shen jing bing)-Neuropathy
  • 去死(qu shi)-Go to hell / die
If you find out some word you don't understand I can help your to translate it.You can left you comment below.

Story About Learning Chinese

I will share a story in here .This purpose of this to story is to remind people important of the education.


  • The word "One" in Chinese is write as 一 (yi)
  • "Two" in Chinese is write as 二 (er)
  • "Three" in Chinese is write as 三 (san)
  • "Four" in Chinese is write as 四 (si)
  • "Thousand" in Chinese is write as 千(qian)

One day, a rich man was hire a teacher to teach her son .when the teacher come ,his first lesson is teach the student about numbering.The teacher write the word 一(yi) and ask his student practice to write it.

The second day,The teacher teach the student 二(er) ,then the smart student say that "I know how to write three" .Then student wrote down the 三(san ).The teacher praise the student very clever.

At that night ,this student find his father and complain to his father say lesson of this teacher is too easy for me ,I don't even need any teacher to teach me .The father was so happy ,then he fire the teacher.

The next day a friend of the rich man has come ,the rich man praise his son was so clever .Then this friend ask the son to write the word "thousand",the son quickly go inside his room and write the word .

After an hour ,the rich man and friend curious why the son haven come out. They both go in the son room and found that the son keep writing the word 一(yi).They ask the son why write so many 一,then the son say :"i thought you are ask me to write thousand,Wait me awhile I only left 100 一.

Basic chinese tutorial

Chinese people has many kind of language for example: Mandarin,Cantonese,hokkien and many other.The most commonly used by the Chinese people is Mandarin.

Chinese language is not like English,do not contain alphabet and combine it become a word .Each Chinese word got a meaning but combine with other word can have different meaning,For example like:

Note:Chinese word=english=pinyin

  • 飞 =Fly= fei

  • 飞机 =Aircraft=fei ji

  • 飞机场 =Airport=fei ji chang

  • 飞机师 =Pilot=fei ji shi

But how to read the above Chinese word?

Actually Chinese got their own Chinese method (or some kind like a Chinese alphabet ) for the pronunciation .But for more easier to learn or pronounce Chinese word ,have develop a method call "Han yu ping yin" which use the English alphabet "abcde..." to pronounce the mandarin word.

Many Chinese word have the same pronunciation but have different meaningand also got some Chinese word got 2 or more pronunciationwhich use at different situation .Take an example like 魔 (e mo )demon,可 (ke wu) detestable .

Many Chinese input software to key in Chinese word using this method.(How to get these software ? I think "Microsoft Window" contain these input but you need the CD to install it or you can visit Microsoft window website to download)

For example like if you type "wo" then got many word will come out ,lets take 4 example "我 (me) /握 (hold) / 蜗 (Cochlear) / 卧 (lay down) " , this 4 can pronounce at the same way? NOPE ,all this 4 have different pronunciation (but almost the same).

Note: But not all Chinese word have different pronunciation.Hard to explain this at here ,if you interest you can watch the video below.


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    • profile image

      Dyn Garcia 3 years ago

      I want to learn chinese language can someone help me on this?

    • profile image

      Andres Ospina 6 years ago

      I´m not surprised that there´s no many people so interested in this language, but I love it, I´m learning it, and from my teacher´s explanations I could see that your are rigth so congratulations, and thank you so much for all this useful information, I wonder what else you will publish. I´m excited to know it

    • profile image

      ASHOK SONI 6 years ago

      I want to learn chines language please help me for teach.


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