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Eco House Made Of Rice Husk Waste

Updated on March 23, 2016

Waster Rice Husk and Recycled Polymer

The House is made from a New Generation Man Made Building material that in turn is made from the following ingredients:

  • Waste Rice Husk which is piled in millions of tons in Thailand, Malaysia. If burned, will contribute to millions of tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Recycled Polymer which is thrown everyday in the form of bottles.

Both ingredients are waste, yet the strange combination of organic and non organic material via advance material science, bring about the creation of a new type of building material known as fiber reinforced composite or "rice husk timber"

Eco House made of Rubbish... Or Waste Rice Husk Timber.
Eco House made of Rubbish... Or Waste Rice Husk Timber.

Eco Questionaire 1

Will you Buy Timber from Sustainable Forest and Timber Alternative?

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Rice Husk Timber... (Fiber Reinforced Composite)
Rice Husk Timber... (Fiber Reinforced Composite)

Fiber reinforced composite

Finding Alternatives to Wood

Found this article in wikinews

"Technologies Allow timber to be recycled up to 20 times"

Conventional log once cut, chop, sawn will become saw dust, timber scrap, and timber etc. The finished product can never be recycled easily, imagine millions of tons of furniture, wood products are burnt in the incinerator or buried each year. More trees has to be cut and sawn to produce workable timber.

However with the emergence of plastic wood composite (commonly known as PWC), and MBF or chip board technologies, saw dust and timber scrap can be glued or extrude and become new timber like material. This allow timber to be recycled at most up to 2 times.

Recent technology breakthrough from Malaysia, bring the recycling limit up to 20 times. The technology known as Fiber Reinforced Composite (commonly known as FRC) , allows saw dust or rice hull and plastic to be molded and extruded.

Rice hull, and Rice Husk are waste material that are burnt or buried every year by the million ton. There is no economic reuse value for them. While waste plastic bottles can be recycled. Rice hull, rice husk and plastic bottles become the ingredient for these new material FRC.

The technology use waste material to create FRC that are stronger than most types of wood, and yet it is resistant to water, and resistant to pest especially termite. The vision of the inventor is to provide an alternative timber material, so as to reduce the chopping down of trees.

Although this technology is very promising, and cheap to produce. The material does not have the texture appearance of wood.

As the price of timber rises, more technologies will surface to ensure that timber can be recycled and utilized.


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    • profile image

      Hannelore 5 years ago

      No follow up / follow through after the posting?

      Seems like such a waste for such a promising article/entry . . .

    • profile image

      M. Belt 6 years ago

      Hi, I need to contact you. Where can I write you?

    • profile image

      Krishna Acha 6 years ago

      Can this be built in cities, I would like to have a house of this kind. Please advice!

    • profile image

      Galib 8 years ago

      I am looking for the machinery that produces this type of material? I will appreciate if you could send me information in my mail:

    • profile image

      zoltan 8 years ago

      where can i find info on the machinery that produces this type of material?