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Five Economic Importance of sugarcane and Important Diseases of Sugarcane Plants

Updated on October 3, 2015

!. Bagasse is used as a fuel in sugar mills. It is also used for paper making and as an ingredient of fiberboard.

2. A lot of Sugar is used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, ice-creams, chocolates, canning industry.

3. Molasses is an important by products of sugarcane industry which is used as a livestock feed and for preparation of rim, industrial alcohol, vinegar, glycerol, lactic acid and mono sodium glutamate.

4. The molasses is used in cooking and candy making, and sometimes it is used as manure.

5. Sugar is one of the most valuable products of the plant world obtained from Saccharum species.

Important Diseases of Sugarcane Plants

!. Whip smut:

  • Whip smut of sugarcane is a fungal disease caused by Ustilago Sacchari.
  • This disease stops the further growth of plants and reduces the yield up to 30%.
  • It is covered by silvery white thin coating after rupturing blackish spores.

2. Red - Rot:

  • The split cane gives alcoholic smell and shows red tissues with white cross bands.
  • It is a fungal disease caused by Colletotricum Falcatum.

3. Rust:

  • Initially orange colored pustules are appeared on the lower surface of the leaves

4. Grassy Shoot:

  • This is Mycoplasma (virus) diseases of sugarcane ad spread by aphids.
  • Infected plant produces larger number of thin leaved tillers like grass so know as grassy shoot.
  • The tillers are small and yellowish white in colour.

5. Twisted Top and Mosaic:

  • These are viral diseases.


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