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A Tale of Two Californias

Updated on October 5, 2015

From time to time every corporation considers how to make itself more efficient in order to achieve greater profitability. What if we apply the same kind of thinking to state economies for the same effect?

Take a look at California. There is no more obvious paradox within the 50 states. Southern California is clearly a conservative stronghold that benefits from manufacturing, import and entertainment industries. Northern California is wholly technology-driven and holds a torch for liberal ways of thinking.

Idealogical issues such as legalized medicinal marijuana tend to put the two sides at odds. Social and other issues that tend to divide along conservative and liberal lines take away time from improvements to economic efficiency and structural innovations to the economic environment of California that could greatly benefit one or both ends of the state.

Two Californias

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Remove the Paradox

Creation of two states - Northern California and Southern California - would allow each portion of the current state to maximize their time to improve quality of life and economic vitality. Southern California can craft principles and regulations that cater to their specific environment of imports and entertainment.

Meanwhile, Northern California would be free to improve its command of the technology sector as well as further protections for the environment. Promotion of green energy alternatives such as hydrogen power plants that emit oxygen as a by-product would dovetail perfectly with large-scale desalination efforts in the South to provide water for an exploding population.

Two Californias

What two California states might look like.
What two California states might look like.

National Improvement

The nature of tech and entertainment is such that economic expansion in two Californias will spread improvement across the entire United States. As movie tickets, DVDs, computers and other tech gadgets are sold in greater demand and in shorter life cycles across the country the money spent in local businesses will multiply in that area. A thriving West Coast of two Californias unburdened by idealogy is a benefit to all.

Improved Metaphor

Finally, the creation of two California states signals to the nation that Americans are willing to accept behavior of which they do not approve. Liberal thinking is just as relevant and acceptable as conservative views. The present metaphor is one of regular gridlock and head-on challenge. A two-state solution is an indication that both sides are valid and can live side by side in harmony at a time when fractures of thinking drive more and more of the American population to group themselves along lines of approval with no thought toward acceptance of diverse ways of thinking that do them no harm. An improved metaphor for the 21st century.

© 2014 Ewan Lillicii


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