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Education Fraud in Colleges and Universities

Updated on September 3, 2010

Education Fraud Legal Help

Education fraud has been around for the past two decades. Since the late 80's, many colleges and universities in the United States have been operating as "diploma mills". A diploma mill is a place where students can literally buy a degree that has no educational value. These mills may also grant a bachelors degree in as little as six months. Diploma mills have given rise to "accreditation mills", creating a facade of fraud for unsuspecting victims to enroll in their worthless college degree programs.

Recently, the Department of Education in Washingtion D.C., U.S.A., has discovered the increase of college students from for-profit colleges and universities defaulting on their student loans. This has sparked controversy in America. A speech given by world famous short-seller/investor, Mr. Steve Eisman, who is now the newest enemy of for-profit colleges and universities, is ready to take a gamble at short-selling education stocks in America.

Basically, a college degree from a diploma mill is worthless because HR departments do not hire people who graduated from a for-profit college or university such as the University of Phoenix. If you have been victimized by a for-profit college or university, then you need to speak with an education fraud attorney. Many for-profit colleges and universities in the past have paid students for giving them degrees that have no value.

If you attended an online college or university and have been lied to or misled about the quality of their programs, their graduates, and their graduates being able to find employment with their degree, then you need to contact an education fraud attorney today!

Many online colleges and universities, such as the University of Phoenix, are stealing thousand of dollars from their students and leaving them with a worthless degree and an expensive student loan debt to repay. The sad news is, these students aren't able to get a job with their online college degree to pay back their student loans.

Contact an education fraud attorney today!

Contact an education fraud lawyer today!


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