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Eye-Witness Report: Education Is Taking a Beating

Updated on May 3, 2017
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Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...

When Watching Turns to Weeping

As a soon to be retired Educator, this is an Eye Witness report to what sometimes happens in some of our schools that go unreported, ignored or is a set-up for failure. When schools do not make discipline a high priority, chaos has a feeding ground and everybody in that building suffers in some form.

On record, many schools show progress and success; however, come unannounced and you might be surprise at what really goes on inside.


The children move loudly and mostly uncaring of their destination …Very few books in many of their hands, very few looks that can’t wait to sit down and learn something new…

Urgency has been replaced by complacency…

Inside these walls and decorative halls education is taking a beating…

Race track hallways, hide and seek, illusions of learning are spreading leaks; open your eyes and take a peek if truth is what you really seek.

Walk the halls among the crowds; listen to the sounds that have nothing to do with educating the mind spewing out of the children…

Come unannounced and feel the tension, feel the negative energy surrounding them and watch it get fed by those who cater to apathy…

Observe with your own eyes how there is no hunger for learning coming from many of the children of tomorrow…

Children who don’t have a clue that what is left of the future will belong to them.

Fabrications and the creation of success illusions are losing their luster…

True Teachers who teach from the heart and not the pay check are being overwhelmed by the overflow of damaged children that now fill many of their classrooms.

So many children are being prepped to fail, prepped to accept historical lies, prepped to continue seeing themselves as inferior with little or no future.

Education, in so many places, is taking a severe beating…

It was last seen trying to Press Charges against those who Lie to children and those who Lie to themselves about teaching the children.

Eye Witness: Children with no fire in their eyes, no hunger for growth in their bellies, no outlets or programs that feed their needs, walk these decorative halls on a daily basis…

Children who come from households that live in reverse and who are used to being hurt.

Watch and Listen to how some of them are preparing themselves for the Future…It might make you weep.

This has been an Eye Witness report…You should be alarmed.

Fight for the children even if they do not belong to you.

Malik Canty
Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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