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Education Key to Success

Updated on August 30, 2012

Education is the beginning of a beautiful world. When I was a girl in school going to college was something I wanted for myself. I liked to study, read, and learn new things. Art my grandfather’s desk I would sit and play like I was a busy professional with tasks to engage in. Often I would try to imagine what it would be like to earn a college degree. Both of my parents were hard working individuals who did not finish high school. I dreamed of being the first in the family to complete secondary school.

I was an honor student as early as elementary school. I found it easy to develop interest’s intellectual subjects outside of the curriculum. However, my life was not as simple as I once thought it would be. While I grew up in a large blended family in the heart of Texas, I left school early at 14 to start my first job. By the age of 16 I was awaiting my 17th birthday to finally take my GED. I was focused on solving all of my problems at once and getting a jump start into college.

It was 1998 when I received my certificate and immediately enrolled into the community college to study Marketing. I only took one semester, but continued to enroll myself into another 4 colleges with majors such as: Kinesiology, Child Development and Commications/Journalism. Problems I incurred while studying seemed to circulate around my own mental illness. Always advit to seek knowledge I often found me at public libraries and book stores to pill up on nonfiction topics. This assisted my understand of a passion to go into a field to help people like myself who have suffered similar problems as I have.

I am excited about studying for my Associates degree in Pre-Medicine at Prince George Community College. I have lived all over the United States, been a welfare recipient in over 6 states for a period of over 10 years of time. I am the mother of four children, with only one who lives with me. Being in the DC area has brought new opportunities to my family. While I missed hearing President Obama speak at the Largo campus in Maryland, I have read many good things about the public education changing for the better. As I have had many obstacles to overcome in my own life I am planning to realize the best of my abilities to succeed lye ahead of me with the strengths I can found from accepting my past mistakes.


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