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Education That Provides You Physical and Mental Torture

Updated on March 30, 2013

Pakistan is a sovereign country in South Asia. It is bordered by Afghanistan, India, China and Iran. We are aware of the fact that there's super massive destruction, political chaos and terrorism taking place in Pakistan. But alongside all that, the education is getting highly influenced.
We live in a modern age, that's what we assume from the progress our nations make and the world over. But even in this existing era of ours, there are still nations with such a low literacy rate. That's not so surprising but what's surprising is that in such nations, there are areas where the teachers torture the students when they're unable to learn what they're ordered to.
The children, and even teens and young adults are mentally tortured by such treatment of teachers. Young children are beaten with sticks or baseball bats.
Having studied in such a nation, I've witnessed such physical torture. In my school, back in Peshawar, there was a young boy Aqeel who went through a wrestle with his former friend Hassan. One of them got their eye harmed in the wrestle. When the teachers found out, they forced both of them to strip and show their private parts to the staff members. Hassan and Aqeel were first grade students. They faced vast humiliation and that must have obviously influenced them their lives throughout.
Another incident, I myself am a victim of, is that in the prep grade in primary school, right as we finished our nursery class, the teachers on first day while introducing themselves threatened each student that if they misbehaved or did not do good academically then they'll be stabbed or their physical organs will be cut down. They showcased a sharp, shiny knife to the students which they always kept in their drawer the rest of the year. They would often threaten the small children by taking out the knife from the drawer and the poor children were told that if they told their parents they would be hanged by the fan.
We know better how our childhood traumas influence our adult lives. Even small events that occur in our youth effect our subconscious part of the brain which tends to take some form of fear in the future. It is very dreadful whatever that happens to the young in such countries. But the best part is, that despite the torture that they face in their lives, from these people rise up such amazingly talented young people. In Pakistan, the creativity of children are for sure damned, but still nothing can stop these beautiful minds to blossom.


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    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      How sad... I am so thankful this doesn't happen here and so sorry that it happens anywhere else... Sometimes I am ashamed of humanity...