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MOOC - The New Way of Learning

Updated on June 2, 2015


Education has been in our lives from a long time. Even before schools were invented, education or learning has already been taken place in our lives. Education doesn't always happen in school. You might learn something in your house, library or even playground. Many think that education is the paper certificates that are awarded to them, but what's good about the paper. Does it store the information that you learned. The word 'degree' and 'certificate' are just advertisements to make you pay for education. If private colleges and universities charged for education, I don't mind. They use that money to pay for their bills and taxes. But governmental colleges and universities, they already charge us with various taxes. Can't they do some good deeds by making education free. Even governmental schools charge a registration fee. Unlike the old ages, education is being treated like an object. Something that has a price which you can sell. The bright side is that the internet currently offers more knowledge than any other library out there. The most popular source of knowledge is the Wikipedia and other Wikis. Recently, a new type of program has been launched. They're called MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses. As the name suggests, these courses are free to enroll. ALISON, a popular MOOC provider offers an extensive range of courses. Some of them are even diploma courses. However, they're not accredited, but are recognized in some parts of the world. There are even accredited courses online and they won't break your wallet.

MOOC and Paid MOOC


1. ALISON It's a popular MOOC that offers many free courses and most of them are interactive. The course does offer a high level of knowledge, but not to the point that it could be accredited. Taking the course might be free, but if you want a certificate, you'll have to pay. The charge for both an electronic copy and a hard copy.

2. Udemy Udemy is a big online MOOC. They offer many online courses, but some of them actually costs money. Most courses at Udemy are not made by the company itself, but instead their users. Because of this, Udemy's courses are not widely recognized. Some of the courses are offered by professional institutes like Manipal. Since I haven't done any paid courses yet, I will just say that most of the free courses only offer very basic knowledge. By the way, if you're a teacher or lecturer, you can make money with Udemy by making your own online course. With Udemy course creator, you can make courses easily, Udemy claimed.

3. Open2Study Created by one of Australia's popular online universities, Open2Study offers many courses in many subjects. They offer you a free digital certificate with the successful completion of each course. I can't give any details about the courses as I've never taken any. The website's system won't let me enter my name. Then again most websites don't.

Paid MOOC (Accredited) :

1. The Shaw Academy Best and only paid course I've ever taken. Although the course is only a month's long, the course is packed with information. The course contents were a lot, but only a few came in the exam. The exam was very easy, some may say too easy.

2. Stonebridge Associated Colleges From the viewpoint of many, I would say that Stonebridge is the best distance learning college out there. It also offers a large variety of courses. Many distance learning colleges from UK have a terrible website, Stonebridge isn't one of them. However, there are many complaints about Stonebridge, most of them relating to the attitude of their employees.

3. Oxford College There isn't much too say about Oxford. The only special thing that they offer apart from the above listed are a higher number of courses accredited at level 4 and above. Stonebridge has a better reputation while the Shaw Academy offers level 4 courses at a cheaper price. The only advantage Oxford has is the above mentioned.


The best part is that the number of MOOC providers are steadily increasing. Many have acknowledge that learning should be free and are offering education for free. Here are two universities that offer tuition-free degree programs.

1. The WSU

WSU currently doesn't offer any degree program, but are doing all they can to make their programs available as soon as possible. Currently, they're offering three courses, all of them are readable only.

2. University of the People

The first tuition-free online university made available to the web. They currently offer two degree programs, business administration and computer science. All of their programs are accredited and are widely know. They do claim that they offer quality education. I haven't confirmed yet, I think that they only allow US citizens living in all states except Alabama and Arkansas. Also there are small exam fees.

Remember that both of this universities are run by a group of people. They don't have support from the government. These people use their own money to run their universities. If you're planning on enrolling to their universities, make sure to email them a thank note.


With this many way study, you'll have a troubled time choosing. For those who think that studying is boring, I kindly ask that you please try these MOOC. Udemy is the MOOC provider that has many interactive free courses. Also, please study for the sake of learning. Remember, knowledge is food to the brain. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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