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Education and Personal Development: Fields of Growth

Updated on January 9, 2016

There Are Many Many Choices


Fields to Consider

Renewable Energy

Computer Communication

School Board


Communication Systems


Political Science

Academic and Business Research


Global Nursing

Kids Play

Medical and Legal


Dental and Legal

Business Law


Anesthesiology and Innovation


eBusiness eCommerce

Green Technology

Early Childhood Education

Information Management

Information Engineering

Information Computer Application

Network Engineering


Robotics Automation and Communication Engineering

Evidence Based Learning

Industrial Electronics


Political Science

Digital Health


Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technoclogy



Sports Tech



Cognitive Development

General Relativity

Medicinal Herbs


Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering

School Effectiveness

Computer Science

No Tillage

Nano Science

Management Accounting

There Are Many Things People Meet to Discuss

Gift Show


RV Adventure Travel



Online Schooling



Health and Fitness

Hunting and Fishing



Toy Train Show and Swap Meet

Collectible Toy Show

Wine and Food Festivals

Monster Jams

Nordic Ski

Motorsports Auction and Trade

Hot Rods




Science Fairs

Celtic Music


Hot Chocolate



Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines



Music Festivals

Wine Tasting

Wine Cheese and Honey

Gun and Knife Show

Snow and Ice Sculpture

Antiques and Art


Travel and Tourism

Hawaiian Shirts

Home Textiles




Auto Shows

Remodeling and Landscaping

Personal Choices

In picking a a personal choice, you may have to rely on your own gut instinct. Hopefully you will choose a field that excites you, that continuously enriches your education and encourages others to share your enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a great factor. If you are inspired and enthused, the feeling is contagious. Others will catch your enthusiasm and will actively contribute new ideas and theories.

It is Up to You

You can envision your life and spend it networking. You can set goals for yourself. You can be inspired by others. You can inspire others.

Perhaps a writer. Perhaps a public speaker. Perhaps the President of a company. Owning your own company is an option.

This is where your educational goals come in. You need to set a goal. Align yourself with the tasks needed to get to your goal. Stay focused. Distribute your energies and forces with your absorption of new and old topics.

Sharpen Your Skills

Are you a tool provider or a tool user?

In looking back, to the days of the gold rush, many were motivated to move West to try their luck at striking it rich with the location of a gold mine.

The promise of becoming rich was a big motivator. Many failed, but the people who provided the tools to these people were the ones who prospered and benefited the most.

Being a Tool Provider

Providing someone tools for their endeavors is the key.

If you provide someone else tools for their endeavors, you will supply them with the means to meet their goals. Sometimes the tools are consumable and they become your lifelong customer, as you provide for their needs on a daily basis.

Finding things that are consumable and providing for them is key.

In the gold rush, it wasn't the gold that produced the riches, it was the people providing a place to stay, shovels and bags and soap and food and drink. Tools needed. Supplies needed. A friendly voice of encouragement.


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