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Education is a War for Survival

Updated on January 31, 2010

Challenge to Education

Ability should Decide

The fact that a large Percent of students fail at college level work is not an argument that the larger Percent who do succeed be denied the opportunity because they don't have money. There is no examination of the rate of failure among those who do have money. Money may disguise the incompetence of the children of wealth but it does not give them the right of unfair advantage. Opportunity must be given to the qualified regardless of economic circumstances.

If we force Americans to be qualified only for unskilled Labor, we guarantee that we become a second rate Nation. The solution is not denial of opportunity, but the providing of better early education and better than survival wages for those not qualified for higher learning. To say we cannot afford it is a lie. The truth is we refuse to afford it.  

We have never had trouble affording unlimited spending for Wars if we considered it necessary for survival. We created more debt to fight World War II that the entire GNP.And yet we survived the debt and went on to an era of great prosperity and power in the World.

Education is necessary for survival of the Nation in a Technological world. We could guarantee that those who are not qualified for the highest levels of education  could earn wages that provide a decent life for them and their children including Housing, Food, Clothing and a reasonable retirement in old age, Then We could fairly guarantee an education to our best and brightest. The Children of the wealthy will be entitled to whatever education that money will buy them no matter what their limited ability.  After all, they can do that now. That Certificate of Achievement  is necessary to give them that leg-up over us ordinary people. The benefit is that the Nation will have the service of our most able people who happen not to be Rich. 


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    • Last Hand Willie profile image

      William Hodge 8 years ago from CAMDEN, SC

      Justin - If you get the chance check my new website A lot of the post are old ones that I am trying to consolidate to my own Website. It not very good yet because I don't know what I doing, but I'm having a lot of fun learning.

    • profile image

      Justin K. McBride 8 years ago

      The U.S. constitution did not have the ability to add new responsibilities when it was created. The only purposes they had was to protect the borders and handle judiciary issues not fixable at the state level. A few minor issues aside that was the crux of it's power. The concept of a "Living Constitution" is just that, a concept. It was not a law that passed the muster of the representatives of the people of this country. As far as the magna carta is concerned it was the first time that equal laws were presented to the kings subjects regardless of class or cast. Habeus corpus extended from the enforcement of this document. do you really believe that England is not an oligarchy today? I have no "faith" in libertarian ideology. I choose not such labels for myself. I just study what works and vote my conscience based on what seems the best options within the law. We are a representative republic, not a democracy(social or otherwise). Social democracy is a common ideology held by left leaning political democrats. It is not real. My political philosophy is based on facts, history of what works, and what is legal and fair under the law. If a representative does not believe like that then I would not want to have them as my leader. Politics and emotion together cause more harm than any other thing on earth. Good to see you are still at it giving the world hell. I am pleased as punch to be able to participate. Well doing am I...thanks. Hope all is well.

    • Last Hand Willie profile image

      William Hodge 8 years ago from CAMDEN, SC

      The Constitution also carried in itself the power to evolve. It is the in the nature of Man, as evidence by the flow of all recorded history. Human Society is Dynamic, not static. If your faith in the immutability of the Constitution were warranted, the English would still be governed by the King and a Noble oligarchy under the Magna Carta. We evolved from rule by White Property Owners to Universal Suffrage. I understand your Faith in Libertarian Idealism, but Democracy and Destiny change the nature of America. We are now a Social Democracy with mutual obligation to all members of the Community. The Federalist won the Day and the Thirteen Nation Confederation became " e pluribus unum ". I have great respect for your intellect but I do not share your political Philosophy. By the Way, It is great to hear from you again. Been awhile. I hope you are doing well.

    • profile image

      Justin K. McBride 8 years ago

      While I admire your intentions, I cannot disagree more about the federal government being more involved in funding and providing education. The role of the federal government was to have a system of cohesive laws; extremely limited in number and nature, who's job it was to secure the borders of the united states and to take up judiciary when states laws could not resolve inter-state issues. America already had government in all states before the advent of federalism. The role of the federal government was sticking it's hand in too far from early on, thus was created a bill of rights to guarantee that the states maintained their sovereign right to rule amongst themselves and the rights of individuals to live their lives free of federal influence, since they already answered to the laws of their respective states. The 10th amendment is the most overlooked, misinterpreted, ignored rule added to the bill of rights. The federal government HAS NO RIGHT to tell an individual what to do or to tax someone's income to give away for social engineering projects, like health care, the arts, or education on any level. The argument as I see it that screams for tax payer funded education typically comes from those who themselves lack the drive to produce for themselves already and from those willing to exploit them for political gain. The opponents tend to be people who understand the true role of a federal government and recognize that it hasn't the right to make these decisions(in fact is prohibited from it by law), and those who would exploit them for political gain. The same argument can be made for any service provided by the federal government. The current system of government in place in the US is pseudo-fascism, coupled with Marxian communism, with small pockets of free trade capitalist ideology. Federal government today is involved in every aspect of business and banking known to man. They sell real estate, they play the stock market, they fund social engineering projects, promote imperialism, run drugs, exploit nations, assassinate world leaders, engage in wars for profit....etc etc etc..the list goes on for ever and will continue until we learn to stop viewing the world through the opaque lenses of the left/right paradigm. I do not oppose education. I oppose government forcing money from the producers to give to the non-producers. All men were created equal, but not all have the same opportunities or awareness of those opportunities. This is life. In all other species on earth the weak do not survive. It's nature's little trick of promoting that which is best adaptable to the environment and to cull out that which threatens the whole. Humans do the exact opposite and it is getting to the point that overwhelming numbers of non-producers being propped up by taxpayer dollars is so staggering it defies comprehension. The time has come to pull up the bowl of milk and let those willing to stand up for themselves to do so and let nature take it's course with the rest. An honest, educated, truthful, green, lover of natural life would not attempt to try and save every leaf falling off the trees; they would respect the nature of the universe and do their best become a part of it. True love and respect comes from knowing when to say no. Individual rights have individual responsibilities. You cannot give up one without the other.


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