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Education on american history a train bridge built in South Florida decades ago still remains

Updated on September 2, 2012

educational photo source by Florida media keys public information in the Internet

Florida Keys train bridge with arches remains part of American history and still stands today
Florida Keys train bridge with arches remains part of American history and still stands today

The purpose of a train bridge with arches built during the former president Truman era still leaves questions about our past.

The Florida train bridge arch engineering design still stands to this day. During the former American president Truman era a South Florida train bridge was constructed from the southern tip of Florida over three miles into the Florida Keys island.

An American historical archive states that the purpose of the bridge was to transport oil into America. However, the president had a public event to present this great engineering feat to citizens of the United States. The story is that many people believed that the arch South Florida train bridge was constructed for travel and tourism. During this time of American history many people were traveling around the country looking for new jobs associated with oil. The actual influence to construct the South Florida train bridge was by JD Rockefeller; a former oil and farmland activist.

American history states that the first settlers of Florida were the French and Spanish armadas. While the train bridge never served a purpose to transport oil or bring tourism the history of the bridge still stands to bring back questions about American history.

A map of the Florida Keys and the bridges built to access them.

Did the South Florida train bridge arch design have roots to the French Polynesians?

The French Polynesians were some of the first settlers of Florida including the islands and parts of St Augustine, Florida; which is the oldest city in America. In American history the French also contributed the statue of liberty to the Americas. The French are some of the most advanced engineering in present day with the recent development of a bridge that has arches in France. The new bridge design has a unique engineering feature where the bridge expands and contracts while driving on the bridge. The purpose of this new engineering bridge was to transport people across a three mile valley populated by wine farm groves.

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