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Educational Leader: Whereabouts and Some Lucrative Job Opportunities

Updated on July 25, 2016

There is hardly any alternative of education in modern world. Education has always become the primary factor in the buildup of any good society. But in modern violent world, people needs to be more educated so that they can make the world a better place. This can be done very much effectively by doing jobs in education field. And the most amazing this is that there are very high demands of these jobs in the market as education is the backbone of a nation. The large number of student community is there to fill in the vacancy of the new jobs in the education department. Educational leadership can be one of the new jobs in the education department. Here we will discuss the different aspects of the job of educational leadership.

Job Responsibilities of Educational Leadership

An educational leader have to lead different educational departments, play crucial role in different decision making boards as well as committees depending on the educational settings of different kinds. From this you can understand how important role an educational leader plays in the formation of a society. He needs design the overall education plan which is the backbone of a society.

He is quite an experienced person who has the experience of serving as a faculty member in any educational institute where he takes and executes decisions along with making it student friendly as well as technologically advanced. He must ensure that the education format he is building up will comply with the standard set by the respective education board. Also he will need to make huge efforts for making the system as much transparent as possible. No matter which form of education you talk about, whether it is the preliminary school level or the university, an educational leader has to play the role of equal importance.

Essential Qualities of an Educational Leader

For any good educational leader, it is mandatory to update oneself about the changes that take place in the educational field. He must undertake new policies so that students are able to become ready professionals of the industry. This not only involves working with educational facilities but also efficient handling of the institutional administrative work. These works include monitoring teaching staff performance, assigning respective works, calling and arranging staff meetings, monitoring admission procedure of the students, monitoring teaching staff performance, assigning them respective work etc. are some of the common duties of an education leader. In order to carry out the mentioned actions successfully, one has to become of superior personality. With leadership quality, he can carry out the services professionally.

Career Options for an Educational Leader

An educational leader has lots of options in the career field. This will make many career oriented students to take this as profession in future. Here we will briefly discuss a few options that an educational leader can build his career.

Careers at School Level

We start from the school level. In both elementary as well as secondary schools, an education leader has the option of becoming dean, principal, headmaster, assistant principal, teacher etc. also an education leader perform the following jobs in elementary and secondary schools:

  1. Teach the students.
  2. Hire qualified staffs.
  3. Allocate works among the hired staffs.
  4. Make financial budget.
  5. Take part in policy making.

In most of the cases, the education leader will get entry level jobs in the elementary school. So it is natural that salaries will be in the lesser range in such jobs compared to the ones in large institutions. You can expect a annual salary of 70 to 80 thousand dollars in this level.

Career at High School

In any student’s life, high school is undoubtedly the most important part. So for the high school department education leaders are of foremost importance. The students get the option to choose among different subjects in high school depending on their interest and therefore every department needs an education leader for proper functioning. Also they have enhanced duties of counseling as well as providing career advice to the students. They help the students identify respective strengths and weaknesses in order to face the future challenge. Salaries range from 75 to 85 thousand dollars annually.

Career at College Level

At the college level you will get the chance to become the director of the college department which is one of the most lucrative career options. This position is a very crucial one. In order to achieve this position, one will need to gain academic experience of at least 10 to 15 years. The responsibilities in this position are huge as the education leader has to deal with the whole department of a college. Indeed this is one of the best jobs in education.The salary range is also better here compared to the previous ones because of the increased amount of responsibilities. You can expect an annual salary of 90 to 110 thousand.

Career at the University Level

Being a university dean is a very lucrative job. It is one of the best and most challenging jobs in education department. The dean manages the institution as well as takes part in various government corporations and private institutions. The dean earns a handsome amount of money which ranges from 100 to 150 thousand dollars annually.

Career at the Corporate Level

Yeah this is true. Apart from finding many new jobs in the education department, an education leader can build career in the corporate field. In modern day business, trained as well as multi skilled employees are essential for the overall boost up of the business. Education leaders can become good corporate trainers and eventually train the employees different kinds of business and soft skills which will lead them to deliver best results. In this case annual salary will be more than 100 thousand dollars.

These are some of the lucrative careers that an educational leader can go for. We need more education leaders in the modern society so that we can get a good and developed educational framework which will help get the best results.


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