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Educational Posters

Updated on March 12, 2011

Educational Posters for Students

Learning any subject, especially when you have tests to look forward to, can be a stressful situation even when you have the basic educational tools. You know that you have to learn the material, but staring at it gets pretty old after awhile.

As a student, I would try to make sure that some of the subjects that required rote memorization were available on the walls where I would see them often. It's a nice little trick that can really have an impact. Here's why:

Imagine how many times a day you look at your walls. Now imagine how much of an impact that would have on a kid who sees the information they need to learn that many times. It's a way to help a kid study without actually making them study for any longer than they already do. It's one of those little helpers that makes these educational supplies a great idea for students of any age.

For the parents of homeschool students, having the opportunity to add a little extra learning to each day without extending homeschooling hours is invaluable. Placing educational information on the walls can do just that. And, the posters are generally made to be attractive, and even fun in many cases, as well as being educational. You can hang them in strategic places around your home and boost your child's knowledge on general subjects or on a subject that your child is having problems with in school.

Math Posters

Math is largely about memorization- particularly those pesky multiplication tables and geometry formulas. All of those can be made a little easier to remember by putting them exactly where a student will see them every day. Putting them on the inside of the child's bedroom door will ensure that they are seen several times a day.

Another little trick is to put them on the bathroom wall across from the toilet. That way, the child is sure to see the poster every day- many times each day if the child is a girl. It also means that the poster can't be avoided, no matter what else the child may do to avoid a subject.

When you're on the toilet, what else is there to do, really, than to look at the wall? With a math poster, that time can actually be spent seeing and remembering tables or formulas instead of simply staring off into space. And, it doesn't require you to do much at all in order to gain that information.

Putting them above a student's desk is another little trick. A child with a computer will be facing that way often, and they will see the poster quite a bit. And, the longer the child spends on the computer, the more exposure they will have to the poster.

Language and Vocabulary Supplies

Spelling words correctly is tough- English words often aren't spelled the way they sound. To spell words correctly requires frequent exposure to the words spelled correctly. A vocabulary poster can do just that. This works for any age child, and even for adults who want a little spelling help.

These are fun little items that can give a student a subconscious idea of the way a word should be spelled, even if the student doesn't study the poster directly. If it's there and you see it every day, it will enter your subconscious.

There are alphabet posters for little ones, phonics posters for young students who are just leaning to read. There are also advanced vocabulary and spelling words for older students who need to have those SAT words memorized.

Spelling errors don't cut it when the educational stakes are high.

Science Posters

Science posters are often beautiful works of art, but they also teach important scientific concepts. Children of every age enjoy looking at tornado posters that described how a tornado is made up, anatomy posters that show the inner workings of the human body and weather posters that show the water cycle. There are botany posters, I have one that is helping to teach basic concepts about plants, and posters that teach astronomy concepts of any complexity.

For older students, the periodic table is a useful poster to have on the wall. There are a lot of elements to memorize- I wish I'd had a periodic table poster at home. I always let a few of them fall through the cracks.

Some of the most beautiful science posters are posters that teach about animal species. Those always have nice illustrations or photographs of many different animals on the same poster. They are posters that any age group will be interested in looking at- and while they are looking, they are learning.


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