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Effective tips to write your exams

Updated on October 31, 2013

'Of course, it is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on a lack of understanding of this simple fact.” - Terry Pratchett.

Every student wants good marks in his examination as it spells achievement in his endeavor to succeed in life. You are no exception. You want good marks to have confidence while searching for a job. Why is it some students score good marks while you lag behind? You should do a self analysis of your good and negative aspects as far as your studies go.

The main criterion for successfully attending your exams is your concentration. You should concentrate on what is being taught in your class. If your mind wavers during the class hours, your brain will not be optimized and everything floats out of focus. Your mind should be pencil sharp to catch hold of whatever is being taught. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to clarify it and you will feel the essence of what is being taught engraved in your brain. Always be updated in your studies. Do not keep a backlog of your lessons for a last minute hurried revision before your exams. If you allot an hour for studies daily, you will find it easier to cope up with your exams and you will not feel a mental blockage most students feel on the exam day.

You should make a plan for your revisions and write it down in a paper. You can allot a week for one subject and the timings also should be written. Three hours of studies followed by a break for an hour would be perfect. There are students who spend hours studying without any break. This I feel would add burden to your concentration level and you will find your mind wavering. When you take a break, you will be refreshed and whatever you study will be easily stored in your brain. Never over tax your brain.

You should not study without understanding, as if you study by rote you will forget what you have learnt during your exams. Sad, is it not. Whenever you have doubts, clarify it with your class teacher or your friends.

You should be physically fit to able to withstand the tension of exams. Avoid oily and junk foods. Eat healthy and you will be refreshed .Fresh fruit juices instead of artificial drinks will be a good choice. Vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals should be consumed daily. Eating out should be avoided as they use too much of oil and artificial flavoring which is bad for your health.

Exercise is another means to keep you physically fit. You will find oxygen creeping in when you exercise daily. Never exercise immediately after you eat. Early morning is the apt time to exercise when the atmosphere is fresh and pure. Meditation is a good means to develop your concentration power. It soothes your mind and gives it a sharpened clarity.

Your exam is not a day to look with tension. Instead look forward with self confidence and ease of mind. Get up early in the morning and spend some time exercising. It will relax you. Make sure you have taken all that is needed for your exams. You should have a checklist so that it will help you in making sure you have not forgotten anything. Glance through your subject and be confident about what you have studied.

Start early and reach your exam hall at least an hour before your exams. Never do last minute revisions as it will make you flustered. Go through your question paper for five minutes and mark out your choice. Write your best known answer first and write neatly .Finish at least fifteen minutes before the allotted time and revise what you had written. Revising your answer paper is a must as you will be able to correct your mistakes.

'Good luck to all of you taking your exams. Try your best but remember there are ways to be successful in life without amazing grades'-Unknown quotes

After you finish your exams, if you feel like you have not done well you should not feel worried as it will affect your concentration for your subsequent exams. Always keep your mind clear of unnecessary thoughts which affect your studies. Exams are not something to be apprehensive of, but it is indeed an ‘open sesame’ for more success in your future career.


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      kiran 5 years ago

      The following contents are not included,that how to write exams . it's only about how learn for exams .please try to include that thinks also .