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Working on your IQ – some steps to improve the same

Updated on September 6, 2016

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a common term that is often discussed. In layman’s language, it means the level of intelligence that a person possesses. People with higher IQ are said to be smarter, better and more intelligent than others. In fact there are standardized IQ tests that are carried out to ascertain the IQ levels in people. People with higher IQ tend to get things done and sorted in an easier manner and can work smarter than people with low IQ. Take a quick IQ test and you will find out your IQ level. Just make sure that the test is an authentic and standard one.

Connection of IQ and other activities in humans

Healthy brain activities are directly related to better IQ in individuals. There is also a close connection of your IQ score to various factors including parenting, social status, morbidity, and mortality. Analysis of IQ score also helps in understanding one’s educational advancement, job performance, special needs, income capabilities and also the mind. It is extremely interesting to note that in the human population, the average rate of IQ is increasing by almost 3 points in every decade right since 1930. This is popularly known as the ‘Flynn Effect’.

Effective ways of increasing IQ from ordinary to extra-ordinary

If you are interested in knowing your IQ levels, get an free iq test online. In case the results are not satisfactory and you want to improve the IQ, here are some effective ways that are sure to work:

1. Reading and enriching language

It has been believed since long that people who are brought up in language-rich environment have better intellectual acumen. Since everyone is not lucky in having the same ambience, their IQ can be affected. They can read widely for enriching their language and their vocabulary, which in turn will increase the IQ of the person. Cognitive tasks, as well as, daily work get easier with a strong understanding of language. Keep a dictionary handy in case you need to look up for a word that is new to you.

2. The urge to learn with growth mindset

Some people just abhor the idea of learning and fertilizing the mind. Improving their IQ is practically impossible. It is very important to have the right growth mindset to improve IQ levels. You should have the faith in your mind that you can learn and this will better your performance automatically. Stick to difficult jobs and get them done as that will boost your confidence and your IQ level.

4. Eating healthy and exercising

If you are wondering the connection between exercising and eating healthy food to IQ, there is an integral connection between these. Research has shown that people who follow healthy diet and follow the rigorous training and exercise schedule have better IQ, memory, and cognitive skills. Vegetables help in bettering overall brain functioning and boosts levels of neurotransmitters.

Implement these changes in your system and see the boost in the IQ levels within a short span of time.

3. Brain training is important

The more you use your brain, better and sharper it gets thus improving IQ levels significantly. Different kinds of brain training techniques and programs are now available in the market, which has been designed for augmenting your IQ levels. These programs are readily available online and you can access them from any place, any time.

5 stars for free iq test online

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    • profile image

      Jenni winget 

      2 years ago

      Nice Article.

      Very informative

    • profile image

      Richard Davis 

      2 years ago

      Nice article which is giving inspiration towards exercising for brain skills and telling the consistency to get skilled for trying in any competition or debate. Really impressed with this stuff and i`ll definitely do practice on reading different intelligence quotient questions iq tests and will cherish my memory power by solving them daily.


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