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Effects of sex in adolescence stage

Updated on March 12, 2016

Effects of having sex in adolescence stage

It is fast spreading like virus, it’s now like must do in our world today amount adolescents. Despite the fact that it is a sin against God, it is also a sin against yourself as it changes your sexual cycle for the rest of your life. Other consequence of early sex especially in male are as follows:

early sexual experience may lead to sexual dysfunction later in life

Sex itself is not always a problem behavior,” Armour explained. “But the timing of sexual initiation does matter. Adolescents need to be at a stage when they are developmentally prepared for it.

  • Males with early life sexually experience will have depression like behaviors at adulthood
  • Lower body mass
  • Smaller reproduction tissues
  • Changes in the brain cells
  • Less complex cellular
  • Have higher levels of a pro-inflammatory cytokine
  • High level of inflammation
  • Might Losses lots of reproductive cells and cause delay to impregnate women
  • Cancer of the uterus is more prevalent in women who began sexual relationships early in life

There is time in nervous system development at this stage things changes rapidly as a preparation for adulthood reproduction and if interrupted with adolescence sex life it might not follow the right process with will cause one or more the above mentioned as we all know the human body is higher sensitive and adapts to change very fast and a change in the nervous system development process might leave a stigma with can cause much suffering at adulthood.

Must note: having sex at this time is surely without consequences, think twice and save yourself from future problems


youth who had their sexual debut at adolescences increase in delinquency compared to those who remained virgins. But the increases were more pronounced for those who were younger than their peers when they first had sex.



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