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Updated on April 25, 2015

Before Throwing Away Eggshell Please Read This First.

Eggs are a very useful food and we all love to eat it and there is no home is empty from eggs in its kitchen, when we were young we had many advices about eating eggs because it rich in calcium, proteins and many useful vitamins that your body needs it.

If your hobby is bodybuilding and you wish to have a muscles with a perfect body, so we advice you to eat eggs as it has a very good role in making your muscles grow up faster than anything else even if you took a pills that may contain vitamins.

Although many old people don’t like to eat it because they are afraid of increasing the cholesterol level in their blood, but they cannot stop eating it as a main meal, and also their doctor always advises them to eat one egg per day.

We always look at the eggshell they is a piece of trash that supposed to be thrown out, and we never thought that it can be useful for anything, it is very a strange matter but it is true and we have to realize it.

Many studies were made about the importance of eggshell and it was like a surprise for all and unexpected results that the eggshell has a useful use.

Useful Uses of Eggshell:

In Coffee: when you put it in the coffee while you make it and boil it with the Coffee it will make it get rid of its bitterness.

Polish Your Vases and Antiques: if you add the crushed eggshell to soap, it can make this better when you clean the antiques and vases and will give it an obvious brightness.

Chicken Food: eggshell is full of vitamins and when you smash it and put it with the chicken food it will support them with calcium and vitamins too.

In Drains: when you put the crushed eggshell in the plain it will decrease the amount of wastes and the solid objects to make the water moves in it easily.

Nails: you can use the slim cover inside it to make your nails grow faster and get a healthy nails, because this slim cover is rich in calcium.

Skin Inflammation: it is very helpful for skin and it decreases the itchy as per a study has been made.

Dirty Laundering if there any dirty clothes, you can use the eggshell to clean it and remove all the dirty things.
Your Face Skin: to make your face look better put an amount of the eggshell and the egg whites on your face in order to get a perfect skin.

Snakes: to keep the snakes away from your home or your garden put more eggshell in around your home as the snakes hate to crawl on eggshell so it will go away.

Hope you find this article useful for all of you.


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