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Relationship on General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, & String Theory

Updated on July 9, 2013
Albert Einstein dislikes QM because they are so distinction. But, they are both good theories with scientific evidences.
Albert Einstein dislikes QM because they are so distinction. But, they are both good theories with scientific evidences.

What is String Theory?

The string theories up for now are the best candidate to hold the answer of the true nature of the universe, and the explanation of why the universe is the way it is in a fundamental level. The basic premise of string theories is that everything in this universe, including gravity, force, me, you, buildings, are formed by tidy and vibrating energy strings. The whole string theories totally change our understanding of the nature of space.

General Relativity and The Fabric of Space-Time

Imagine the space consist nothing than my hometown, Toronto. If I have to travel from North of Toronto to downtown Toronto, it takes time to travel. However, because of nothing can travel at the speed of time, it definitely needs to have amount of time to travel. So, in this way to look at the situation, the space is "pinned", "unchanging" and "fixed".

In his view, Albert Einstein looks at the space totally different from our sense, and he believes that space can fold, and it can form "worm hole" in an abstract and surreal folding way. This means that there is a short cut of "time traveling".

In Einstein perspective, the universe, nevertheless, you have to create a hole in a fabric of space. So, can space really create a hole? According to Albert Einstein, it is impossible to rip the space; instead, space can only be reshape or reform in different form. In other words, I cannot create a worm hole to travel faster from North of Toronto to downtown Toronto, sadly.

Quantum Mechanics

Now imagine that we can resize our body and enter the world of quantum mechanics, which is the law of controlling how atom behaves; the space is random and chaos in this world. Ripping the space can be commonplace in quantum mechanics world.

So, wait a sec.

Einstein believes that space cannot be ripped, but in quantum mechanics holds that space can be ripped in commonplace. What is wrong in here?

It is well known that Einstein does not believe and hold totally opposite position as Quantum Mechanics Theory. He believes that “God does not roll a dice.” However, there are numbers of experiments to prove that Quantum Mechanics Theory and Einstein’s theory are both approximately correct.

So what is going on between these two biggest theories in physics? It is because there is a gap between Einstein’s theory and Quantum Mechanics Theory.

In fact, Albert Einstein tried to come up a unified theory of physics for almost 30 years. That is, a single theory can explain everything in this world. However, he never found it.

Universe: is it really like what string theory expect?
Universe: is it really like what string theory expect? | Source

String Theory as Strange Theory?

String theories are up for now the best candidate to fill this gap between Einstein’s theory and Quantum Mechanics Theory. If we use string theories to explain the above space question in the chaos Quantum Mechanics world, string comes from chaos.

As a single string comes from dense of space, it surrounds the ripped space and creates “a bubble”. The “bubble” becomes a protected shield of the ripped space. In other worlds, the string makes the space possible to rip! This means that space is far more changeable that we thought in the past.

This is one of the explanations of using string theories to explain the space. Nevertheless, the string theories also show us that the universe is stranger than we have understood.

For example, the string theories show us the possible world and the parallel universe that are parallel to us closely, yet we cannot observe these worlds that are closely next to us.

Gentle Discussion

Have I blown your mind yet? If you are still reading my article, congratulation. I am not going to be gentle. Before I move on the philosophical discussion, consider these questions:

If string question is correct to hold both General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Theory together, then think about the following questions:

  1. Philosophy of Science: What is a scientific theory? So far, there is no way to prove that string theory is true. If there is no scientific evidence to show that string theory is true, then it is not science.
  2. Philosophy of Mind: While string theory holds that there are many possible worlds parallel to us closely, it implies that there are many of ourselves in these worlds that are closely to us. So, what makes us as persons?
  3. Ethics: The whole ethical theory is based on action from individuals, as ONE person. Assume that string theory is correct and there are many of us in other possible worlds. If it claim is true, then this leads us to say the ethical theory invalid. So, what is the relationship between personal identity and ethics?


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