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El Mundo Spanish School

Updated on February 27, 2016
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Katie graduated with both a BA in Chemistry from BYU and a BA in Spanish from UVU in 2016. She began medical school in July '16.

Students Learning at Mundo Spanish School

Each student has his or her own table with a private teacher in the school's beautiful facilities.
Each student has his or her own table with a private teacher in the school's beautiful facilities. | Source

El Mundo Spanish School

El Mundo Spanish School is located in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala. For $240 USD a week, students get 20 hours of one on one Spanish lessons, a room with a host family, 3 meals a day (except on Sundays), and a volunteer placement that will provide real world experience in the student’s desired field. For an additional small fee, students can participate in local cultural activities and enjoy weekend excursions to local tourist, eco-tourist and historic sites. Pick up at the airport is free and a ride back to the airport can be scheduled for $30.

No matter what your current Spanish abilities, El Mundo Spanish School is the way to go when it comes to improving your Spanish. Classes are held from either 8 am-noon or 2 pm-6pm, with a 30 minute break after 2 hours. Each student has his own teacher and classes are tailored to the individual student. One-on-one tutoring with a native teacher can’t be beat in a traditional classroom, online, or with language learning software. Your ability to speak will improve drastically in a short amount of time.

Safety and Accomodations

Although parts of Guatemala are politically unstable and dangerous, you won’t worry about that in Antigua. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. Although you’ll want to be careful with your valuables, like you would in any large city, you’ll be safe during your stay.

Not only did I have a private room in which to stay, I had fantastic food and came home with a new family. Practicing my language abilities with my host family was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed meal time with 1-2 other students and our hosts. It was a great atmosphere to enjoy really good food and great conversation.

Broadening Your Horizons at El Mundo Spanish School

While El Mundo Spanish School is a great place to improve your Spanish, it also provides students with an opportunity to see a different portion of the world, experience a new culture, broaden their horizons and see the world through new eyes. Talking with my host family, teacher and my supervisor at my project really gave me a chance to see how they experience the world. This experience has given me a new way of seeing my world and has really broadened my perspective.

Whether you’re a high school student, a recent grad, in college, or an adult, the Mundo School is the place for you to improve your Spanish skills. You’ll make new friends, have a great experience, and you won’t regret your time there! It’s well worth the money!


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